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New Build Property for Sale in La Mata Costa Blanca Found 68 Properties

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New Build Property for Sale in La Mata Costa Blanca Found 68 Properties

New Build Property for Sale in La Mata Costa Blanca

Main aspects to consider when buying new home

The price of housing in the Spanish Mediterranean coast makes it attractive buying properties. After years of hiatus, the sector returns to be newly built properties. What should we know when buying this type of housing? We explain.

Before you start searching for new house you have to ask where, how and how much you want to spend. This is not always easy, but fortunately the regions of the Costa Blanca and Orihuela Costa offer a variety of properties with all kinds of locations: near the coast, golf courses, charming villages.

In Alicante Real Estate we have extensive experience in the real estate market in this area. This experience allows us to advise our clients on the different options they have to choose based on their preferences.

New housing has become fashionable again. And, as they are the prices, buying a brand new property is a more affordable option than ever. However, when you go to visit a housing required to report the housing characteristics as location, type of construction and materials and the services available.

He collects all the information about the object.

If building a new home, documentation of the building it is in the Book Building, which includes all data and documents related to the work. After the work this book is given to the homeowners.

The data included in the Book Building are:

-The Company data.

The name and address of the architect and builder.

-A Building plan with description of housing, public areas, ancillary services and supply network.

-The Quality report.

-A Copy of the building permit, urbanistic certificate and license of first occupancy of the dwelling.

-The Price of housing and taxes.

Find out about the taxes associated with the purchase of new housing

For purchases of new housing purchase is subject to VAT (10%), besides the payment of Stamp Duty Tax (stamp duty) to grant the Deed of Sale.

If the purchase is made with the creation of a mortgage will also have to pay their corresponding IADL, while the Act requires the assessment, with a corresponding cost. Besides, it has to assume related payments and expenses of notary Property Registry for the execution of the deed of sale and registration in the register.

Bear in mind that if not specified in the contract, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the first copy of the deed, registration in the Land Registry and taxes (VAT and stamp duty), while the seller must pay the costs of the equity in the house and the original writing.

Alicante Real Estate, your estate agents in La Mata.

Alicante Real Estate offers all the services you need to buy a home on the Costa Blanca and Orihuela Costa with the best facilities. We provide our customers a wide range of properties including find the best homes for sale throughout the Costa Blanca. With personalized advice we offer, our customers have at all times with the information and advice necessary to give the best properties in each case.