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New Build Property for Sale in Los Altos Orihuela Costa

10 useful tips to consider when buying property in Costa Blanca

Thinking of going to live near a beautiful beach of golden sand is recurrent, especially during the gray and rainy days in the UK or other European countries. However, there are things worth bearing in mind when moving to another country.

There are procedures that would be just like in your home country. However others will be totally different: the language, legislation, any bureaucracy. We must set aside time to meet some of those things.

If you follow these tips you will ensure that you do not leave anything important in the inkwell.

1. Legal Assistance.

Spanish trading system is very different from other countries, so it is advisable to use a lawyer with expert knowledge of Spanish property systems. They should be able to give your registration number with the local "Bar '.

2. Simple Note.

All properties have a "simple note" (excerpt from land registry) and an energy performance certificate before they can be sold. The simple note provides some basic information so you can check if there are outstanding debts or ongoing legal proceedings, or registered owners of the property are in fact sellers.

3. Cadastral reference.

It should be ensured that the property has been legally built and has all the correct permissions, this information is included in the Land Registry. The cadastral certificate is very useful, as it gives you the exact size of the plot and et shows where the boundaries are.

4. Get information on annual costs.

Discovering that the rateable value of the property, which in turn help you figure out what the purchase tax and the annual 'IBI' (such as municipal taxes) bill.

5. Make sure the property has no pending charges.

You should get a receipt to prove that all utility bills, including the 'IBI' have been paid to date by its current owners, before buying.

6. Be careful if you buy land to build.

It's a good idea to check if there are any restrictions to build on the land you want to buy, which can easily be seen in the local council.

7. Check the status of the property.

Most people do not do this when buying property in Spain, but it is wise to hire an architect or technical independent surveyor to make sure everything is in order, just as you would if bought in the UK.

8. if you buy a new build property do not forget this.

If you buy a new property you will need a 'certificate of occupancy' issued by the council.

9. All written.

Always get offers and agreements in writing before accepting the terms of the sale. He insists get a paper receipt for any money you have paid.

10. Make a will in Spain.

Last but not least, it is useful to make a will in Spain, so that if something happens, the laws of inheritance in Spain will not stand in the way of your will.

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