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New Build Property for Sale in Orihuela Costa Alicante Found 110 Properties

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New Build Property for Sale in Orihuela Costa Alicante Found 110 Properties

New Build Property for Sale in Orihuela Costa Alicante

Key Benefits of the Energy Certification

Spanish and EU regulations require energy certificates in housing. It is often seen as an imposition. But what are the advantages? We'll explain it to you.

Perhaps in your search for housing in the Mediterranean you've stumbled upon information on the energy rating of buildings. It is common, especially if they are new housing. Sometimes with so much information that has to do with legal issues Homebuyer you can make a mess. It is not always easy to know the usefulness of these energy certificates.

In other countries have long promoted the energy rating of dwellings and buildings in their cities, thus get a number of advantages. Do you want to know them?

1st Reduction of energy consumption.

Studying the structural characteristics and facilities of a building locates the reasons why such problems occur as the moisture in windows, passing very cold in winter and very hot in summer with the use of heating and cooling involved, etc. All this raises the energy necessary to maintain comfort conditions.

Knowing trouble spots, you can act on them to eliminate problems and reduce the use of air conditioning, which we reduce energy demand. This entails the following advantage ...

2nd savings.

Reducing the need to consume energy to maintain comfort conditions it is directly reflected in the reduction of electricity bills and fuel. In many cases, the cost of making changes or improvements is cost effective due to savings generated, and the more time passes, the greater the savings as the energy price keeps on going up.

3rd Let stand a house on the property market.

Including energy rating label our home or premises in the offer or announcement will allow comparison between the most efficient buildings and those that are not. In this way, we can add value to our property to make it more attractive to the consumer and stand out from the other offers.

4th opportunity to leverage grants and subsidies.

The government of Spain, in the Housing Plan 2013-2016 establishes grants and subsidies to carry out reforms and renovations to improve the energy rating by reducing the demand and consumption of energy. In some cases, such aid may be around 50 euros per square meter.

5th Best comfort conditions.

All suggestions for improvement that are included in the energy certificate and applied in buildings, in addition to improving your score, carry with them an improvement in comfort conditions.

Living in a home with a grade A, in which heating is not necessary during the winter, like to live in a home where the air conditioning in summer is not necessary, is a great health benefit, typical colds by sudden temperature changes disappear and many other conditions.

6th Respect for the environment.

Reducing energy consumption makes it possible to reduce the consumption of many other natural resources, thereby contributing to keep all those places that once we'd go, keep animal habitats both impress us and ultimately bequeath our children a world in which to live.

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