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New Build Property for Sale in Torrevieja Costa Blanca Found 139 Properties

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New Build Property for Sale in Torrevieja Costa Blanca Found 139 Properties

New Build Property for Sale in Torrevieja Costa Blanca

Comparison between New Build and Resale Property in Spain

When we have already decided to buy a property in Spain a must question arises. Will New Work resale or? In this article we make a quick comparison to help you decide.

The Costa Blanca is one of the most wonderful places on the Mediterranean coast. Thousands of foreign nationals have chosen this area to retire, spend your vacation or invest. Are you thinking you also do it? Do not worry. You can recognize it.

In Alicante Real Estate we will remind the advantages that the new construction homes, and second hand. The decision then leave it in your hands. Remember that these are general considerations. Fortunately, the real estate market in this region is diverse, and find homes that are even beyond these generalities.


New build Property:

-Price More expensive per square meter.

Everything brand new. That certainly is paid.

Resale Property:

-Price Cheaper per square meter.

You'll need additional budget reforms.

Property location.

New build property:

-They are ussually located on the periphery and outside the cities. Although there are excellent promotions near the coast.

- They often have common areas (sports fields, gardens, playground, etc.).

Resale property:

-Found both in the center of the cities and in remote areas,

They'll be more consolidated and more services, being older areas.

-The Relations with neighbors and neighborhoods and to be more defined.


New build property:

-Less Size. The trend of new developments is to build less surface, but take advantage of more space.

.If it is off plan, you will have time to customize the layout.

-Distributions And attractive uses.

-Design And modern architecture. In the new work it is where the latest trends.

Resale Property:

-Larger homes can be bought.

-Worse distribution and design. Everything can change in a reform course.

Willingness to move into.

New build property:

-You may live from the day when the construction finishes.

-If is under construction but we have to wait maybe we can change key aspects in the distribution that interest us.

Resale Property:

-The Availability will depend on planning reform, or time limits to allow the seller to inhabit.

Annual housing costs.

New build property:

-Suelen Own more community facilities (swimming pool, gardens, sports facilities etc.), therefore more spending.

-How much are newer promotions, fewer breakdowns and maintenance spending will.

Resale Property:

-less Spending on facilities and maintenance.

-More Tendency to pay for repairs or breakdowns.

Alicante Real Estate, new build property for sale in Torrevieja.

In Alicante Real Estate you can find apartments, studios, villas for both new construction and second-hand, dealing directly with the seller, without intermediaries that increase the cost of operation.

Although we have homes of all types in various parts of the Costa Blanca, it is in the region of La Mata, Guardamar, Santa Pola and Torrevieja where our real estate is mainly active.