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New Construction Properties for Sale in Guardamar Costa Blanca Found 24 Properties

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New Construction Properties for Sale in Guardamar Costa Blanca Found 24 Properties

New Construction Properties for Sale in Guardamar Costa Blanca

Primary keys of mortgages fixed and floating rate in Spain

Are you looking for a mortgage to finance your home in Spain? In this article we give a few tips on the types of mortgages that offer Spanish banks maybe you find them useful.

This 2016 is unlikely to be a good year for creditworthy customers and savers looking to finance the purchase of your home. The statistics seem to confirm this trend.

The National Statistics Institute (INE) recently published data transmissions property rights relating to November 2015, indicating an increase of 13.7% of the purchases of homes registered over the same month of 2014 . This certainly indicates that the housing market returns moving again.

If you look at the mortgages registered in the first 10 months of 2015, 206,218 mortgages on housing, 20.6% more than in the same period of 2014 were recorded.

What kind of interest choose for my mortgage?

If you are thinking of buying your home, and looking for bank financing to buy a property, in addition to carefully study the financial characteristics of the mortgage offer to select the best option that fits your needs and possibilities, assess what interest rate you are interested : fixed, mixed or variable rate?

Fixed-rate mortgage loans.

The fixed-rate mortgage loans supposed to pay the same rate throughout the entire agreed period, ensuring that the monthly payment will remain constant, up or down market interests. If a variable rate is contracted, it should be noted that in each review the fee will vary, as they evolve in the benchmark Euribor or agreement.

Joint mortgages offer a fixed multi-year period, and then apply a variable rate.

Variable rate mortgages.

The variable rate mortgages monopolize the current contract, representing 90.3% of the total in October 2015, as recorded by the INE. Among the reasons for only 9.7% of the registered mortgage agreement being signed at a fixed rate you can quote the lowest bid for the banks, demanding the requirements for granting and relative ignorance of customers.

So which one is the best for me?

It depends. The only certainty is that, before taking any decision, and train you need to do calculations to choose a high probability of success.

Alicante Real Estate, all kind of properties for sale in Torrevieja, Guardamar and Orihuela Costa.

In the real estate Alicante Real Estate you can find apartments, studios, villas for both new construction and second-hand, dealing directly with the seller, without intermediaries that increase the cost of operation.

Although we have homes of all types in various parts of the Costa Blanca, it is in the region of La Mata, Guardamar and Torrevieja where our real estate is mainly active.

Although we also work for national clients, we specialize in helping foreign customers who want to buy property on the Costa Blanca. Check out our catalogue of properties and contact us today.