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Tips for selling your home

9 Jun 2018
Tips for selling your home

Our goal is to sell your home in the least amount of time possible while at the same time fetching a fair price. While we will concern ourselves with marketing, scheduling, documentation, showing and other tasks, you the homeowner can do some simple things to improve the chance that your home will sell more quickly.

Making a good first impression

The exterior of your property or the entrance is the first thing that potential buyers see when they look at your home, and it will influence greatly how they perceive the rest of the property. Even small things can make a big difference. If you have a garden or other outdoor space, make sure it is well maintained and clean.

Make sure the entry door is clean and finished. Add a touch of color with flowering plants. Open your front door and look inside your home. Focus on what you see. That vision will set the mood for the rest of the showing.

Repair and clean

The majority of buyers search for properties where they can move in immediately without making many changes, so it's a good idea to make sure the doors, kitchen cabinets, faucets, plugs and cabinets are in good working order and appear that way.

Keeping the property clean and tidy costs little or nothing, but it makes a big impact with buyers. A well maintained and clean house creates a good impression and assures the buyers that there is no deferred maintenance or hidden problems.

Pay attention to all of the senses

Our moods are greatly affected by our sense of smell, and you never want buyers to be placed in a foul mood because of foul odors. Drains, trash cans and damp areas must be kept clean and dry and you want to keep the home ventilated as much as possible. You might prepare some freshly brewed coffee just before a showing or put citrus in a fruit bowl or light a scented candle to help create a homelike atmosphere during visits.

Sounds also matter. Turn off the television during visits, and play soft background music or nothing at all. That yapping dog next door will often kill a deal, so make nice with the neighbors and try to get them to manage the mutt.

Help buyers imagine living in your home

One of the first positive signals that potential buyers give is expressions of how they would use the property if they lived in it. Help them imagine living in the property. It can be difficult for people to imagine their belongings in certain rooms when there is disorder or clutter. Store possessions you do not absolutely need. Open spaces often make rooms look and feel larger, and make it easier for buyers to imagine their belongings in the home. Fresh paint with light and neutral colors also helps a room feel more luminous and larger, in addition to providing a blank canvas to personalize. Mirrors make a room feel larger and add light.

Make sure that all windows have blinds and curtains, since bare windows can make a room look unfinished.

More than just a cleaning

Sometimes there are things that are broken or tired or out of date in your home. Maybe you have gotten used to the dripping faucet or the sagging sofa or the missing tile in the bathroom. Potential buyers have not, and will fear that there is something else wrong that they can’t see. If the water heater is rusty or a knob is missing on the washing machine, it is time to address those issues before a buyer imposes a big discount for something that can be remedied by you much more cheaply. Spending a little time and money on these things will reward you with less time on the market and a higher sales price. Your estate agent has seen first-hand the reaction of a multitude of buyers when they look at properties and is a good source of advice on what types of renovations you should do which will add more value than they cost, and which ones are not worth the investment.