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5 things you didn't know about Andorra

1 Dec 2019

Andorra is one of those places you can not miss if you live in Spain or are passing through the Iberian Peninsula. If you plan to travel from Spain to France you can also do so through this principality, of which more than 90% of its territory is nature. Also don't forget that because it is not part of the European Union you will be able to find many items for considerably less money than in nearby countries. A 1 litre bottle of a quality whisky you can buy for 9 euros, the same bottle would cost you about 25 euros in Spanish stores.

1. Optical Fiber
The whole country has fiber optic coverage, no matter if it is a remote town or with few inhabitants, in Andorra technology is a priority as well as communications. There are many Spanish youtubers who live in Andorra not only because of the optical fiber, they also pay less taxes.

2. No Wars
Andorra has never been at war and does not even have an army. For centuries it has been a country without war. There is a polocía corps that is in charge of security and maintaining order especially of its busy borders, both on the Spanish side and on the northern part that borders France.

3. No airport
You want to fly to Andorra and you can't find air tickets? It is not surprising because they do not have an airport, but there are companies that give the possibility of tourist flights by helicopter. There is also an emergency service that delivers help precisely in helicopters.

4. Official language
Andorra is the only country in the world where Catalan is the official language. However, if you are strolling through the streets of Andorra la Bella enjoying a warm landscape in summer or the snowy mountains in winter you can hear almost everyone speaking Spanish.

5. Tobacco
They are large tobacco producers and use much of the agricultural land for this purpose. You can also find large shops dedicated to the pleasure of smoking in shopping malls and their streets. You must be careful when buying cartons since officially in customs it is only allowed to leave Andorra with the equivalent of 300 cigarettes per person. It is also true that the passage through the customs sector is almost unchecked by the police.

A place nestled in the Pyrenees like few others in the world thanks to its strategic position of passage between Spain and France. Its beauty also lies in a very effective care of the environment and natural resources, being an example within the tourist cities of Europe. Andorra, a principality that you will surely love also for its gastronomy and the wide range of nightlife.

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