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Spanish films that you can't miss

9 Dec 2019
Spanish films that you can't miss

If you live in Spain with security you have some service of films to the contracted letter, here we select you some titles that you can find in the catalogue of Netflix Spain, from classics to the last 'hits' of the Spanish cinema.

1) The Bar
This entertaining comedy brings together several leading actors from Spanish cinema in one bar. The result is an adventure for survival in a moment of crisis where each character will reveal his cards slowly.

2) Handia
It was one of the most acclaimed films of 2017. A story about a giant and its journey around Spain both to make a living in a hostile world that does not understand the different and, in the case of the protagonist, to accept himself. Based on real events, this is one of those emotive, hard and endearing stories.

3) Ocho apellidos Vascos
This was one of the biggest box-office hits in Spain in 2013. If anything dazzled the audience of this romantic comedy between the Basque Country and Andalusia is its delirious sense of humor, the charisma of its characters and its ability to connect with a structure that, although not too innovative, works as a perfect gear.

4) Loving Pablo
Do you want to learn more about the life of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar? The film tells the story of the narco's relationship with journalist Virginia Vallejo. In order to do so, he tells nothing less than Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, who already bring their chemistry from home to give us splendid performances.

5) Sunday's illness
One of the best Spanish films of 2018. A maternal-affilial history founded on a past full of erroneous decisions, on abandonment and resentment and the open wounds that still bleed. Barbara Lennie and Susi Sanchez "face off" in this particular interpretive 'tour de force' from which both come out more than successful. A film that hits hard not to be forgotten. 

6) Mauthausen's photographer
Nominated for four Goya awards, this production recreates the settings of the Mauthausen concentration camp and revives the horror of the Holocaust during World War II. He does so to tell the story of Francesc Boix, a Spaniard who lived through those horrors and helped through the clandestine sending of photographs to put a face to that historical moment that, years later and thanks to those negatives, would be brought to trial.

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