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Kari Ehrling

2 Mar 2020
Kari Ehrling

I work as a real estate agent at Alicante Real Estate and my main task is not surprisingly..to sell properties! It sounds straightforward and simple? It´s not! It entails many different aspects such as guiding the client through all the stages of the purchase. First step is to find him/her the right property just for them! Listening to the client is a primary strait. Find out their budget and sometimes it’s unrealistic. As an agent i will have to balance their desires against their budget.

My job entails the ability to listen, act and complete!
A real estate agent needs to be first of all a listener..when you have catalogized the client, you act..finding several options for them..and finally to have enough patience to close the deal at the right time.
Being straight with them without being pushy.
As a real estate agent you also actively look for new properties. You co-ordinate sales with collaborating agencies. Your day is filled with phonecalls, e-mail, viewings, listings..etc..
In one day you’re in touch with a multitude of people, agencies, commercials and you need to be organized. Keep your agenda at all times, take notes, make sure you have the time set accordingly..with that i mean, set aside enough time for every task. No client likes to be stressed.
Tick the boxes! For every completed task you sign it off!
To be consistent is also very important. In your every day life as a commercial you need to strive forward..not hang your head down when things don’t work out,neither should you go over the top when you´re doing good!
Every day is a new day and it comes with new opportunities, but you need as an agent to set your mind to look actively for them!
In short..to be a real estate agent is a challenging but rewarding job that gives you the opportunity to make people happy and at the same time it provides you with professional pride.
Kari Ehrling

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