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Properties for Sale in Alicante Found 1.326 Properties

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Properties for Sale in Alicante Found 1.326 Properties

Properties for Sale in Alicante

Properties for Sale in Alicante

7 useful tips for you to negotiate the price of a home

Although the price of housing in certain areas of Spain is beginning to rise, there are still many parts where the buyer can negotiate the purchase price.

It is possible to bid 10% below the value requested by the seller, but always with a reason that supports it. It is also important to have the most information available from the seller, such as knowing through the Registry if the house is foreclosed or carrying a mortgage.

In Alicante Real Estate we give you some keys to perform an effective negotiation and achieve discounts that range between 5% and 10% of the initial price

Do not make more than two visits to the property.

Frequently, the future home buyer visits the property first alone or as a couple, later with his parents, his in-laws or with a friend architect, decorator, etc. It is true that we must have the best possible knowledge of a home before making an investment of this type, but all these are clues that we give the seller about our interest in buying, and that will ultimately play against us when negotiating.

Submit a reasonable offer.

And for this it is essential to know the market thoroughly. Although an offer below the initial price of 10% in some cases may be reasonable, in some other it could have been up to 20%. An error of this type, as well as in the way of reasoning before the seller our proposal, can make us waste a lot of money or blow up any negotiation.

Always have another option before the seller.

Show yourself interested but not desperate to negotiate. Always go to the meeting with a Plan B. This will be the best way to convey the feeling that you have more options.

Indicate a deadline for accepting the offer.

Set a deadline for accepting the offer. This period usually ranges between 2 and 3 days, since usually the fastest negotiations are those that best evolve.

Have as much information as possible from the seller.

In the sale of second-hand homes, the needs of the seller are key when closing an operation. Through the simple note of the Registry we can know if the house is foreclosed, if you still have a mortgage, etc. When the owner needs to sell because he wants liquidity or in cases of inheritance, it is usually easier to achieve a reduction in the price.

Show flexibility with the terms of the agreement.

For many owners, to reach an agreement on the terms of delivery of the house, the signing of the deeds, etc. It may be more important than closing the operation for a somewhat higher or lower price. Be aware of the seller's needs to get ahead when it comes to providing the terms of the agreement.

Explain to the seller why it is the best option.

Although it seems incredible, the psychological factor plays a fundamental role when it comes to selling a home. For many sellers it is important the number received in the signal, knowing that the buyer has sufficient payment capacity, that he already has the mortgage approved by his bank, etc. All these aspects will give you peace of mind that the operation will come to fruition and you will not have to start the process again.

Alicante Real Estate, all types of homes for sale in Torrevieja, Guardamar, Orihuela Costa, Santa Pola and Alicante / Alacant, good in all the Costa Blanca.

In the real estate Alicante Real Estate you can find apartments, studios, chalets, bungalows of both new construction and second hand, dealing directly with the seller, without intermediaries to make the operation more expensive.

Although we have houses of all kinds in several points of the Costa Blanca, it is in the region of Torrevieja, La Mata, Guardamar, Santa Pola and Alicante / Alacant where our real estate company performs its main activity with two offices, one in La Mata and another in Alicante / Alacant.

Although we also work for national clients, we specialize in helping foreign clients who want to buy properties on the Costa Blanca. Check out our catalog of properties and contact us today.