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Vacation rental with Alicante Real Estate and get up to 10% return!

Investing in a property in Alicante for holiday rentals.

Alicante Real Estate will help you to choose the best  performing property in Torrevieja, La Mata or Santa Pola in your budget.

What do we offer?
Branding for large client base

Our apartments are upscale, well decorated, well equipped and maintained. This explains why our "repeat client" ratio is extremely high for our industry: 55% to 65%. This ensures a constant cash flow and less wear and tear on the properties. As we know, most of the clients are returning the second year.

Market research for an optimal pricing strategy

Our market pricing algorithm knows follows pricing patterns and all relevant events occurring in Alicante region, developing a real-time price optimization strategy that maximizes the return on your property. We are able to look at past price fluctuations and future market forecasts to guarantee a high ROI for your property. Our expertise in the Area allows us to continue to feed data to our algorithm to keep improving it every day. Keep in mind that the first year we study the ideal market prices for the following years.

Multichannel Marketing

Although we rely on repeat clients to populate our calendar, we feature and promote our properties with almost 60 platforms (Booking, Airbnb, HomeAway Group, TripAdvisor etc.) and partner agencies. Our multichannel manager technology helps us fill our calendar once our priority guests have booked first, in an optimal way. The calendar is synchronised with all platforms. 

Google loves our website

Our SEO-friendly brand name ("search engine optimization"), together with our strategic online investments, regularly puts us as one of the top results on the first page of Google and Bing. Guests can find us directly through Google Maps, Apple Maps, or whatever GPS service they use. Direct traffic (repeat and online clients) means you pay less commissions to intermediaries like platforms and you get higher occupancy... and are able to charge a bit more per night.
Alicante Real Estate is currently one of the top ranked agencies in the region in several languages. 


Owner-centric approach

All Alicante Real Estate owners are personally treated by us. They value that we put no limits and no cost to their stays and our transparency, knowing that our escrow account is regularly verified by external accountants. Our happy homeowners enjoy that control which they get with our system. In fact, and we are proud to say this, we have never lost a single owner!

Maintain full control of your property

Our proprietary technology gives investors full control of their property. You can control your property calendar, make reservations for your family and friends, and see any pending and ongoing maintenance jobs. Our property management software allows you to access pictures, video or vendor's invoices, and upload documents related to your property, no matter where you are.


Comprehensive vacation rental management

Joining Alicante Real Estate, we provide your property with more than a powerful and sophisticated marketing services and an experienced guest-services team. You will get a local team to meet all your needs, multilingual communication to attract international guests, top-notch housekeeping, and maintenance professionals. We will even help with your taxes. All we do we do with transparency and accountability.

Complimentary decoration services

From minor decoration updates to a complete remodeling job, we have you covered. Our experienced decorator will provide you free visual proposals for your consideration. At no extra cost, we take care of the details so you don't have to.

We will help you!

We perform a free and thorough inspection of your property and send a formal report to you, with our recommendations.
We take professional pictures of your property. A professional photographer will go to your apartment to stage it, take pictures and treat them in Photoshop, shining a light on the best of what your home has to offer.
We upload those pictures, together with maps, plans, amenities, a property description, and other data to our own website, www.alicante-realestate.com. Once the information is verifies, we upload it to all other platforms (multichannel marketing).
We provide you access to you very own 'Owner Space', where you can see all of your property information...and then sit back and relax ....

it's our turn to get to work!