Do you want to sell your apartment? Turn to professionals!


Selling your apartment is not as easy as you would like it to be.

The modern pace of life does not allow homeowners to sell their property on their own. You have to update ads, take buyers to inspect them and be aware of the legal details of the deals.

Addressing our real estate agency you will get rid of most of the hassle of selling an apartment. We will find a trustworthy buyer and make sure to protect the buyer's legitimate interests.


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We recommend:

- Take quality photos of the property;
- collect full and accurate information about the documents on the property and possible restrictions;
- Make sure you give all the important details - area, number of floors, rooms and sizes.

A delicate point - the price. Make sure you put the price of the apartment in the ad.

Consider that the buyer will ask for a discount in any case. It is necessary to understand that the main factor that accelerates the realization of the object will be the price concession. Therefore the seller will have to think in advance what kind of discount he is ready to make, and put it in the price of the apartment.


Find a good realtor!

Practice shows that it is better to contact a single agent, giving him the exclusive right to handle the transaction.
By entrusting the sale to several companies, you can get into a situation where realtors will start to play on the reduction, and the apartment will have to sell cheaper than it was possible.
Do not be afraid that the granting of the exclusive right will slow down the sale. It will not. All the brokers working on the real estate market are looking for clients on the same open resources.
When a potential buyer of the apartment sees the object from several sellers and often for different price he has doubts in lawfulness of the deal.

Turning to our company you will be able to work with a personal manager. We will help you to find a buyer, conduct the deal correctly, and prepare all the necessary documents.


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Realtor's services - conditions, cost, guaranty

Alicante Real Estate offers realtor services in Spain at affordable prices.

High qualification of specialists. The complex approach. Buy, sell residential and commercial real estate. Newly built and secondary market. Apartment buildings and private houses, cottages. Package service and choice of services at your discretion. Sell your apartment, real estate agency, realtor services. We are working to ensure your comfort and safety.


The advantages of our service

Real estate agency services are always preferable to an independent search for options or services of random brokers. Alicante Real Estate is a team of professionals who guarantee privacy and security of any transaction.

If you use our service you will get a lot of advantages:

Basic services at zero cost - advice on the organization of the service, preliminary consultation on the housing issue, the degree of readiness of the package of documents (for sale or exchange), etc. Such services are provided both in person and by phone or by means of online chat correspondence.
Security guarantees. If necessary, we arrange independent valuation of the property, verification of seller's title, exclusion of encumbrances on the property, and legal advice. Transaction procedure is designed to fully protect our client's rights.
Transparent pricing. Realtor service cost is calculated individually for each case and depends on volume of work. For example, resettlement - a minimum of 2 options, sale - 1. The object in the city center with good transport accessibility to sell easier than a country house with an unpaved access road. And the additional terms of the deal (the participation of maternity capital, military mortgage, various subsidies) require the expansion of functionality.
In addition, our real estate agency has a regularly updated database of objects for sale or exchange - this allows you to fulfill the client's request much faster than the search from scratch.

Thus, the services of a realtor Alicante Real Estate is a significant saving of your time and money.

You assign us a specific task and we perform it for you in full accordance with your wishes and preferences. We provide turnkey services or one-time services (for example, only the selection of options). Get in touch!