​Alquiler vacacional como inversión


​Alquiler vacacional como inversión

As a real estate agent, I am often asked about the profitability of vacation rentals. And generally worth it.

We will see an apartment of 100,000, - euros, including purchase costs. This apartment would have an annual price increase of 6% according to Piso.com and other known portals in Spain. Okay, community costs and taxes reduce that amount and leave a remaining 5% during the year.

Then, the vacation rental, according to our experience in recent years, we achieve a gross profit of approximately 8% of which the owner receives 5.6%, of which he still has to bear the costs of the supplies and leave something apart for repairs, leaving at least 4% remaining, along with 5% of the adjusted added value, this leaves approximately 9% of earnings before taxes, which translates into a net gain of over 7%.

I think it's worth!

We are also seeing more and more investors in  Alicante Real Estate  looking for this opportunity and for us it is a Winn Winn situation!