How to sell an apartment through a real estate agency


Selling an apartment is no less responsible than buying it. There is always a chance to run into fraudsters. It also requires a lot of time to perform a variety of manipulations, preparation of documents, etc. To speed up the process and to get rid of unnecessary waste of energy and nerves it is better to sell your apartment through a real estate agency


4 good reasons to contact a real estate agency

Valuation of the object for sale. Specialists of Alicante Real Estate are constantly monitoring the trends in the real estate market. If you appeal to us, you can count on a fair assessment and sale of the apartment with the maximum profit.

Promotion of the property. You do not need to spend time and money on advertising. Also Alicante Real Estate will organize viewings of the apartment. The specialist will estimate the degree of interest of the future buyer already at preliminary contact. That is why only real clients will see the house, and it saves a lot of time. When selling, it is very important to present the apartment correctly, to highlight its features and advantages. A professional knows exactly what the client needs and will present the apartment in the best possible light.

Negotiations with buyers and paperwork. Professionals will have all the necessary conversations with the buyer, discuss important details and agree on the terms of the deal. If it is the first time that a person meets a necessity to sell the apartment, he/she has a poor understanding of what documents are important for that. Alicante Real Estate specialists work in this field every day. They know exactly where to go, what certificates and other documents are needed.

Security and guarantees. Alicante Real Estate accompanies the entire transaction, monitoring compliance with agreements, mutual settlements. If necessary, it advises the client in matters of registration of the contract of sale, taxation, etc.


What to pay attention to when choosing a real estate agency?

In order to sell your apartment through an agency, it is important to turn to professionals that really know how to do it. That is why it is so important to choose the right real estate agency. In your search you should be guided by:

The duration of the company. It is better to prefer a real estate agency that works for many years and has a positive reputation. Feedback from former clients can always be found on the Internet. People also often use the advice of friends or acquaintances;
The scale of the real estate agency. Large and medium-sized agencies are able to attract really experienced and knowledgeable professionals. In addition, they have extensive databases of inquiries and offers, so the probability to sell an apartment quickly and profitably increases;
Availability of offices. Normal agencies operate on their own premises. Large real estate agencies may have offices in different parts of the city. Representative atmosphere and attentive staff are the hallmarks of a professional company;
Membership in professional organizations. This will be an additional confirmation of the high level and reliability of the real estate agency. After all, in such organizations are invited only a time-tested company with an excellent reputation.



Real estate agencies interact with the owners of apartments on the basis of a contract. The document should contain all the necessary information:

details of the parties;
- The essence of the Contract - the peculiarities of the sale of the apartment, its price, etc;
terms of payment for the services provided by the Real Estate Agency;
- period of validity;
- procedure of termination of the contract. Usually the contract is concluded for 1-2 months. If the parties fail to comply with the conditions it can be terminated. Only after signing the document realtor begins to implement its work.


Do you want to sell your apartment in Spain, Alicante through a real estate agency? Contact our specialists who have necessary knowledge and wide experience for fast and successful real estate sale.