Покупка новостроек в Испании

New housing in Spain is very popular, there is always demand for it. New homes are considered real estate that has never been sold, even if the house was built several years ago.
New buildings do not require renovation: housing is offered with a built-in kitchen, including all necessary appliances, installed plumbing and air conditioning.

If the apartment is purchased during construction, the future owner can make adjustments to the layout of the apartment or house.

The rights of the buyer are well protected by the law LOE (Ley de Ordenacion de la Edificacion). According to the statute, if there are any defects in the apartment, the builder is obliged to eliminate them at his own expense. The buyer may turn to him within a year to replace a leaky faucet or fix a dried paint. For more serious defects, such as chips or cracks in the supporting walls, foundations, there is a long-term warranty. Lawyers of Alicante Real Estate monitor compliance with the developer's obligations.
When buying a second hand no such service.

Due to the use of higher quality materials in the construction of new housing, competent planning, utilities in new buildings are substantially lower. New buildings are modernized - solar panels are installed on the roofs, which significantly reduces the cost of electricity. In addition, a nice bonus is having your own terrace, recreation area and pool in the yard.

If you buy a home under construction, the amount is paid in several stages:
- part when reserving an apartment;
- 20 - 30% at the time of the transaction;
- The remaining funds are transferred at the end of construction.

Such a system is convenient and allows the buyer to prepare the necessary amount of money calmly.
New housing in Spain - it's a smart long-term investment that allows not only to save, but in the future and multiply the funds invested.