How much can you earn by renting out property

Clients of Alicante Real Estate often ask about the cost-effectiveness of vacation rentals. And it's usually worth it.

Let's start with a €100,000 apartment including purchase costs. According to well-known portals in Spain, the value of this apartment will increase by 6% per year. Okay, current expenses and taxes reduce this amount, leaving 5% for the year.

Vacation rental then, in our experience over the past years, gives a gross margin of around 8%, of which the owner is paid 5.6%, of which he still has to bear the running costs of the supplier, such as electricity and water, remains not less than 4%. Together with 5% of adjusted value added, about 9% of profit before tax remains, which is 7.2% of net income.

How much you can earn by renting out property

Here you will find information about how much you can make money on your property and what we offer.

You can earn more than 60%, more than with a long-term rental. Our goal – reach at least 120 days of booking within the first year.

The average price per person per day is AT LEAST €30


  • House with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, solarium = 2 bedrooms (4 people)*€30 = €120 per day*120 days = €14,400 per year.
  • House with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and small private pool = 3 bedrooms (6 people)*30 euros = 180 euros per day*120 days = 21,600 euros per year.
  • House with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private pool and swimming pool. garden = 4 bedrooms (8 people) * €30 = €240 / day * 120 days = €28,800 per year.

We use exclusive vacation rental software, partner with over 60 international websites, and take care of the entire business.

Stay at home and just get paid every month. (60 platforms including airbnb, booking, tripadvisor, homeaway, etc.)

You decide when the property is available

  • You decide if your calendar is available´and when you want to use your resource.

Transparency and control

  • Access to rates, availability, booking, calendar, and payments. We provide a transparent contract, which indicates: cost, seasons, occupancy, payments and expenses.

Attention of professionals

  • We have an international team that speaks 8 languages! Own cleaners, cleaning team and home staging.

Market data and investment information

  • Due to our extensive experience, we can advise you on where (which buildings, districts and cities) to buy property in order to get the maximum turnover from it per year.

Why is it profitable to buy from us?

  • 5 offices and an experienced team of agents speaking 8 languages
  • Your own lawyer and professionals to help you through the entire legal process until you start making money!
  • Over 5 000 clients per year and over 100 holiday homes
  • We advise and answer all questions for FREE and WITHOUT COMMISSION!
  • We will provide accurate data on how much you can get by renting out your property in each area of the Alicante region.
  • Reduced rental fees when you buy from us. Earn more.

Working with us is very profitable!

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