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We provide real estate renovation services in Torrevieja and the Alicante region


For every buyer of real estate is relevant question of finding a contractor to make a good renovation, for personal comfort or to increase the value of the rental property. All apartment renovation ideas, simple or complex, require their realization, no matter if you bought a new building or resale property.

The best solution is to contact a team of experienced professionals who are well established with years of experience.

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Renovations in Torrevieja

and Alicante region

Our company provides services for the renovation of apartments in Torrevieja and Alicante region. Rates for our work - one of the most loyal among competing companies. We can order any type of renovation of premises, from budgetary cosmetic, to elite with the development of an individual design project.

All works are carried out by specialized specialists under the guidance of technical control. You can pay for the work and materials in any convenient way, we provide all necessary documents.

At the conclusion of the contract with fixes the cost of work, prescribes the date of opening the contract and the term of completion of work, as well as the contract specifies all the guarantees for the work performed.

Renovation of apartment or house

Our specialists are able to realize any, even the most daring ideas of customers. We carry out renovations of houses and apartments, as well as renovation of individual rooms of residential or commercial real estate.

Home renovation – Price from €80/m2

Apartment renovation – Price from €60/m2

Our works

At Alicante Real Estate you can order the renovation of an entire apartment or house, or just the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom. Our masters perfectly cope with their tasks. Also, it is worth noting that we have the most pleasant prices for the renovation of apartments in new buildings.

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