Attention! Traffic analytics, advertising, and the overall operation of our site is done without the use of cookies and with full respect for your privacy. We respect the complete privacy of our users and customers.


User data privacy

We value our impeccable reputation most of all, it is the most valuable indicator of our work.

When developing a new site, we considered it important to take care of the privacy of our users. We have removed all popular metrics that leak visitor data to search engines, advertising platforms, social networks and other stakeholders.

  • We abandoned the Google AdSense advertising network, which could bring us additional income from traffic, but advertising trackers are integrated into such systems that collect data from site visitors and our potential customers.
  • Statistics are collected using an open source solution from Plausible. This script does not collect cookies at all and fully complies with the requirements of the European and British GDPR and PECR regulations, as well as the California CCPA law. There are no built-in "adtech" in the application. Plausible collects a minimal amount of information for us (geolocation, device type, browser) without profiling users. Moreover, we have deployed this tool on our own server. Your data does not go anywhere, beyond our resource.
  • To collect applications, we use our own CRM system, which collects data through a bot in the Telegram messenger (Why Telegram?).

What does this mean for you?

You can be sure that traffic analytics, advertising and in general the operation of our site is carried out without the collection of any personal data or personal information, without the use of cookies and with full respect for your privacy. 

We join companies that are investing in your privacy and making the Internet more honest and transparent towards users in the future.

Best regards, Alicante Real Estate team. 

Always successful!


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