For every real estate buyer, the question of finding a contractor for a good repair, for personal comfort or increasing the cost of renting a property is relevant. All apartment renovation ideas, simple or complex, require their implementation, no matter if you bought a new building or secondary housing. The best solution would be to turn to a team of experienced professionals who have proven themselves over many years of experience.

Renovations in Torrevieja and Alicante

Our company provides apartment renovation services in Torrevieja and the Alicante region. Rates for our work – one of the most loyal competitors among companies. You can order any type of renovation of premises from us, from budgetary cosmetic to elite with the development of an individual design project.

All work is carried out by specialized specialists under the guidance of technical control. You can pay for works and materials in any way convenient for you, we provide all the necessary documents. 

When concluding a contract with, the cost of work is fixed, the date of opening the contract and the deadline for completion of work are prescribed, and all guarantees for the work performed are also indicated in the contract.

The Alicante Real Estate company orders the renovation of the entire apartment or house, as well as only the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom. Our masters perfectly cope with their tasks. Also, it is worth noting that we have the most reasonable prices for apartment renovation in a new building.

Renovation of an apartment or house

Here is a small list of property renovation services that our company can provide:

  • Installation of a stretch or false ceiling
  • Align corners, walls, ceilings
  • Wallpapering walls or ceilings
  • Dismantling of old partitions, pantries, installation of arches, niches
  • Wall decoration with decorative plaster, painting
  • Replacing doors, baseboards, flooring
  • Electrical wiring, installation of pipes, sewers, plumbing fixtures
  • Screeding the floor and performing all repair and preparatory work in the new building
  • Re-planning, installation of new partitions, soundproofing

The specialists of our company are pleased to offer affordable and high-quality apartment renovation services to everyone.

Property renovation stages

  • Measurement and budgeting. Conclusion of the contract. When contacting our company, a measurement specialist arrives at your address at a convenient time for you, who makes an accurate calculation of all work performed and planned materials. You can immediately at the first meeting conclude an agreement and designate the start time of work. If it is impossible to visit the object, you can provide us with a design project for a calculation, or answer our questionnaire and provide the layout of the apartment or house.
  • Repair work. Date of opening of the contract – means the date of the meeting with the foreman at the facility. The foreman gets acquainted in detail with all the technical features of your facility, determines the stages of work, calculates the necessary delivery of rough and consumables, and orders large-sized tools to the address. Displays masters on the – instructs them in detail and monitors the progress of the work. Prepares all necessary documents – certificates of work performed for the client, keeps a log of work and a passport of the object. At the request of the client, a photo and video recording of the work performed is made. The foreman calculates the types and quantities of necessary finishing materials, plans the timing of their delivery to the facility to ensure the continuity of the work.
  • Delivery of the finished object. The foreman provides all the necessary documentation covering the work performed, makes a full settlement with the client for all work and materials. Makes a return of materials, in case of its balance. Cleaning is provided and the final photo and video filming of the work performed is carried out. The quality control form is filled out by the client. We thank the client for their trust!

Real estate services

The Alicante Real Estate team has launched a special online service for ordering a team for various types of repairs and cleaning services through our new, convenient service - SERVISETA.


List of the main sections of the service, you can choose the type of assistance you need and place an order:

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