Concierge service

Concierge Service – This is a service used by people who live in the country seasonally or do not live at all, but who have real estate in it. Essentially a concierge – it is a housing manager and a personal secretary rolled into one. He solves issues related to utilities, organizes household processes, communicates with government agencies on behalf of the employer, etc.

The advantages of such a service are as follows:

  • Housing is always supervised.
  • The service is official, concierges are trusted people with whom Alicante Real Estate enters into an agreement. You can always contact legally competent employees to resolve any issues.
  • Saving money and time – no need to fly across half the country if you suddenly flooded your neighbors. The concierge will resolve the issue and eliminate all consequences.

And this is an incomplete list of the benefits of the service.

The concierge has a number of responsibilities, which include:

  • Ventilate the room.
  • Weekly mailbox check.
  • Sorting and notifying the owner of incoming mail.
  • Secure storage of keys to your apartment, villa or chalet.

The full range of services is determined at the conclusion of the contract.

According to the cost, the service is divided into one-time – enter the apartment once, check its condition and ventilate if necessary – and subscription. Subscription can be of several types – 3 months, six months and a year. Usually a subscription for 12 months is cheaper than two for six months or 4, for 3 months each.

Company Alicante Real Estate provides concierge services. All employees have undergone a serious check and are legally clean. In addition, each employee is dedicated to the company and his work. This service – a real outlet for those who value their time. The concierge from our company will take care of any issue related to the maintenance of your property in Spain. While you are enjoying your vacation, he will help with moving, cleaning, paying bills, and hiring household staff.

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