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NIE – this is an individual foreigner number, which is also a taxpayer identification number. Every foreigner who does business in the country or purchases real estate is obliged to obtain such a number, in other words, he has tax obligations to Spain. It is not necessary to be a citizen of the monarchy.

Situations where a NIE is required:

  • Buying a car in Spain. After purchasing a car, the user automatically becomes a taxpayer of the monarchy, so it is better to issue a number before buying.
  • Acquisition of real estate.
  • Doing business in Spain.

The NIE number has a general meaning, officially the number looks like this: letter_ seven digits _ letter. But sometimes NIE – this is a plastic residence card or a certificate issued by the EU.

Getting a NIE

Foreigners who are not Spanish citizens receive a number in the form of an A4 sheet, residents of the monarchy use plastic cards with data recorded on them.

The number is assigned forever, marked in all documents and does not change if the tourist receives the status of a resident of the country.

A prerequisite for obtaining a number is that the potential taxpayer has no visa violations in Spain and other countries.

How to get a NIE?

You can get an individual number of a foreigner as follows. If a citizen lives in the EU, it is enough for him to contact the police department for European citizens. If a resident of a country outside the EU wants to get a number, then he needs to contact the police department dealing with the affairs of non-residents and non-Europeans at his place of residence.

You can apply for a NIE yourself or involve a lawyer by issuing a power of attorney. Alicante Real Estate specialists will help you not only get the coveted number, but also quickly collect the required documents.


Why do you need a NIE number in Spain?

A NIE number, or "Número de Identificación de Extranjero," is a unique identification number assigned to non-Spanish citizens living in Spain. It is required for a variety of legal and administrative tasks, such as opening a bank account, signing a contract, buying or renting property, paying taxes, and accessing public services. It is also often used as a form of identification, similar to a social security number in the United States. 

How to get a NIE number in Spain?

To get a NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero) number in Spain, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the NIE application form (solicitud de numero de identificacion de extranjero). This can be done online on the Spanish police website or in person at a police station.

  2. Provide the required documents for the NIE application. This may include your passport, proof of residence, and proof of financial independence.

  3. Pay the NIE application fee.

  4. Schedule an appointment to submit your photograph and fingerprints at a police station.

  5. Receive your NIE number in person or by mail. It is important that you provide a valid address where you can receive it.

It's important to note that, depending on the location and time, it could take some time for the NIE number to be processed, and in some cases you may be asked to provide additional documents. It's also important to have a copy of the NIE number always with you, as it may be asked by authorities.

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