Interior design in Spain

Spain is a country with its own characteristics, traditions and tastes. Of course, this can be seen both in the interior and in architecture. Houses and apartments in this country are characterized by large panoramic windows, light fabrics, and wicker furniture.

Another feature that can be found in old Spanish houses is high ceilings. This is explained by the fact that the state does not have a large area, the houses were built one to one and were narrow. But the Spaniards found a way out - high, vaulted shelves.

The Spaniards also have a special attitude to the doors - there are practically none. Only private space and common space are separated by a door, and then they are made thin, carved and hinged.

In the color scheme, contrasts most often prevail - dark and light. This solution not only allows you to visually expand the room, but also to focus on the special details of the interior.

The most popular interior color is red. However, it must be used with extreme caution - if you add it a little more than necessary, the room will seem heavy, a feeling of pressure will be created.

Interior Design

In the interior there are several rules regarding lighting:

  • Necessarily large windows, which means a lot of natural light, in which all the details of the decor of the room play in a new way;
  • Forged chandeliers or lamps. This is one of the most famous attributes of the Spanish interior;
  • Many additional light sources - sconces, hanging lamps, real and electric fireplaces.

The more light, the more spacious the room seems.

The design of bedrooms and living rooms also has its own nuances. The Spanish style combines the seemingly incongruous - rough textures and graceful lines. For example, wooden beams on the ceiling and beautiful furniture with soft curves. On the floor, wood or ceramic tiles are most often used. Therefore, in almost all Spanish houses on the floor you can see beautiful thick carpets that perfectly complement the interior and create an unforgettable feeling of comfort.

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