Legal services in Spain

Company Alicante Real Estate not only provides premium quality housing, but also legally accompanies the client throughout the transaction. This option from – an indication that every customer is very important to us. All our partners – proven and reliable organizations with professionals in the field of legal support. Alicante Real Estate provides clients with reliable, competent and experienced legal professionals.

Deal support

Customer support is provided by employees with an impeccable reputation and a good track record. So you don’t have to worry about the fact that some nuances of the transaction will not be taken into account or remain unspecified.


  • They will help you choose a property, perform an examination of the property and provide legal support at all stages.
  • The developer and its contractors will be checked.
  • Explain each clause of the contract.
  • They will accompany the transaction until the client receives a certificate confirming the ownership of the purchased housing.

In addition to supporting transactions, lawyers check the contract itself for inaccuracies, ambiguity of clauses, and, if any, draw up a protocol of disagreements and eliminate all innuendo.

Features of due diligence

After it finds an object suitable for the transaction, lawyers check it. This must be done before the conclusion of the contract of sale and payment of the deposit. Legal analysis shows how the property matches the description given in the documents. Does the property have a license, was the construction legal? The apartment is checked for the presence of encumbrances, debts to utilities. During the check, the specialist performs requests to state registers.

Legal Services

With Alicante Real Estate specialists, you can be calm – they will definitely not allow dealing with a legally unclean company. And if in the process it turns out that the developer – violator, then lawyers will help not only to return the funds spent on the purchase, but also to compensate for moral damage.

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