Opening a bank account in Spain

Recently, due to the fight against money laundering, opening a bank account in Spain has become a difficult task. However, nothing is impossible, the main thing is to properly prepare all the documents. Alicante Real Estate specialists will help not only at the stage of collecting a package of documents, but will also accompany you to the final stage of the procedure.

You can open an account for a non-resident of the Kingdom in the following cases:

  • purchase of real estate (mortgage or cash - it does not matter);
  • opening a business.

In these two cases, the bank goes forward and opens an account.

The explanation for this requirement is simple: in order to open a business or purchase a home in Spain, a non-resident will need a NIE - an individual foreigner number, which is also a taxpayer identification number. A foreigner with such a number becomes a clear figure for the bank with a clear status, which means that one can deal with him.

But this is not the only condition that the bank puts forward. For non-residents, there are certain restrictions regarding account replenishment. So, if a non-resident is a resident of Russia and opens an account in a Spanish bank, he can replenish his account exclusively from any Russian bank. Additionally, the bank has the right to require a document confirming the legality of the source of income. Transfers from a country whose citizen is not a foreigner will not be accepted by the bank.

Bank account opening

After opening an account, the bank will insist on purchasing its products. The most commonly offered insurance is life, car, real estate.

Not so long ago, banks have an option that allows you to open an account online. This does not mean that no documents are required. A foreigner needs to collect all the necessary papers and transfer them to the bank using a courier or send scanned files. In the future, the bank client will be able to manage his account from a mobile phone or from a personal account.

If you don’t want to mess with documents, you can always ask Alicante Real Estate employees to help you collect the necessary papers. Consultants will approach the issue seriously and responsibly.

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