Property For Sale in Spain

When it comes to selling a home in Spain, the seller has two questions:

  • do I need to go to the country;
  • how much to pay the government.

The Alicante Real Estate lawyers will help answer these questions.

If it is not possible to come to Spain and sell on your own, then you will need the help of a real estate company. The selected specialist must be sure to check the availability of a state license to carry out activities.

How to sell real estate?

The procedure for selling through a realtor is as follows:

  1. An application for the sale of housing is sent to him with the most detailed description of the object. After receiving the application, the intermediary negotiates with the owner to provide access to housing.
  2. Employees of the company visit the apartment, take pictures, determine its market value. After agreeing on the final price, an agreement is signed with the agency.
  3. The owner of the apartment sends the full package of documents that he has in his hands. If something is missing, these documents are collected by the agent.
  4. The agency starts advertising and presentation activities for the property.
  5. After a buyer is found, an object reservation agreement is concluded. The potential owner pays all the necessary fees, and the process of notarization of the transaction begins.
  6. After the end of the preparatory stage, the owner arrives in the country to sign the contract of sale. If this is not possible, then the principal acts on behalf of the owner.
  7. The amount received after deduction of taxes, payment for the services of a realtor, the bank transfers to the seller's account.

As for taxes, there are two of them: a tax on land gains and a tax on capital gains of a non-resident of the country. Taxes in Spain are high. Thus, the tax on income of non-residents is 19% for the first 6,000 euros, for the subsequent amount of 21%.

We have launched a special page for detailed information on how to profitably sell property in Spain.

Lawyers of Alicante Real Estate will provide professional assistance in closing a transaction, finding a buyer and collecting documents.

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