18 ways to relax with your family in the Costa Blanca
We have collected the 18 best places on the Costa Blanca for families. The list is wide enough for everyone to find entertainment: from small to large. * Discover the BEAUTIFUL ALGAR WATERFALLS in the Les Fonts de l'Algar Nature Reserve. Dive into ...
27 October 2022
My adopted home - the Costa Blanca
"Why are you living on the Costa Blanca?" The question was asked recently by a friend. Why not in Mallorca, he wanted to know. On the Costa del Sol, where so many Germans would live? Or on the Costa Brava? I answered him quite spontaneously: "The or...
27 October 2022
Pros and cons of moving to Spain
If you are planning to move to Spain, you must be prepared for the fact that in this country you will be faced with both the advantages of living by the warm, clean sea and its disadvantages. Today we want to tell you about the actual advantages and ...
17 November 2023


Alicante — a beautiful modern city with parks, a beach, the sea and an old fortress on a mountain. Information about the climate and location of the city, areas and attractions will tell you what makes the city attractive for tourists, and why buying local real estate is a smart investment.

Climate and history of Alicante

Alicante —  a seaside city in eastern Spain. This is the center of the province of the same name, which is part of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Alicante is rightfully called the capital of the eastern Spanish coast and the main resort of the Costa Blanca. The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has a convenient access to the water, surrounded by mountains. 

The climate in the region is mild, Mediterranean. Summer is comfortable, dry, there is no suffocating heat, the water temperature in the hottest months reaches +29°C. Winter is mild, warm, up to +15°; C, no sudden changes in temperature. In total, there are 328 sunny days a year.

Earlier, there was a settlement of fishermen, ships of the ancient Greeks often came here. In translation, the name Alicante means "white fortress". or "city of bright radiance".

In the 1960s, Alicante became a tourist center, the city began to actively develop in this direction. To this day, the region is being improved. The government makes living in it comfortable, both for local residents and for guests of the city. Now the province of Alicante — one of the most popular destinations for recreation and emigration among domestic and European tourists.


The authorities take care of the development and improvement of Alicante. Roads, transport interchanges, shopping centers, educational and medical centers of the city — everything is there, everything is up to standard. Hospitals are equipped with modern equipment, universities, colleges train specialists in various industries. Alicante has a large selection of public and private schools.

With the approach of climatic autumn, the streets of the city are not empty, recently tourists from Europe and Russia have appreciated the winter holidays in the region and come here at this time of the year. 

15 minutes from the center of Alicante there is a modern airport with parking lots, a comfortable waiting area, shops and cafes. The city has fitness clubs, gyms and sports schools.

Shops in Alicante

Trade is developed in the region. In stores you can buy clothes of famous European brands and goods of Spanish manufacturers.

Shopping centers, shops, markets of Alicante:

  1. Shopping center Centro Comercial Plaza Mar 2 is located 10 minutes from the city beach, behind Mount Benacantil (Benacantil. The complex has convenient access and parking. Presented products from brands such as Zara, H&M , Bershka and there is a department from the German company C&A. There are beauty salons and a food court area on the territory.
  2. Alcampo Mall — an analogue of Auchan, the second largest hypermarket chain in the country. Here you can find all — from clothes, shoes and essential goods to household appliances, souvenirs and food. Local food and drinks are much cheaper in the store than on the city's beaches.
  3. Alicante Central Market (Mercado Central) founded in 1921. This is the most interesting food market for tourists. Dried and fresh fish, dairy and meat products from local farmers, fruits, bread, grilled chicken are exhibited here. Prices are higher than in other markets, but closer to closing, goods can be purchased cheaper.

This is not the entire list of shopping facilities in the city. A large number of craft shops, stalls, small shops are located in public recreation areas.

Port of Alicante

The port of Alicante is an important infrastructure facility. It provides passenger and cargo (commercial) communication between cities. Thanks to the port, fishing is developed in the region, in addition, the company provides jobs to the townspeople.

Port of Alicante

A significant contribution to the development of the city will be the emergence of a new port in the province of Alicante — Torrevieja. The construction will provide jobs for specialists in various fields, attract tourists, as well as new investors to the city. The port area will open access to the sea, the territory is planned to be equipped with recreation areas, children's and sports grounds, cafes and restaurants.

Cafes and restaurants

Alicante has a large selection of cafes and restaurants serving European and national cuisine.

La Taberna del Gourmet

One of the iconic places of Alicante, a restaurant that appreciates its guests. According to a local guide, this is the best gourmet bar in Spain. Mediterranean cuisine is served here.

Restaurante Nou Manolín

The establishment has been welcoming guests since 1971, during which time it has become a favorite vacation spot for local residents. This is a classic gourmet restaurant with an expanded bar area. The terrace offers panoramic views of Alicante.

Best brunch place

One of the best places for brunch and lunch — Best brunch place. Visitors rate 10 out of 10 for the service and quality of the food at the establishment. Guests can order a brioche bun topped with delicious hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with paprika, giving the dish a nice Spanish touch. Also on the menu are fresh fruit drinks, dry-cured ham and salads to choose from.


International medical clinics have been opened in Alicante, the services of which can be used by both residents of the city and tourists. Among them are branches of the Spanish network of clinics Vithas – Medimar (Vitas Medimar) and Perpetuo (Vitas Perpetuo). 

The city is also home to a specialized eye clinic that applies new techniques in the field of refractive surgery, treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, presbyopia and myopia. At first, the center was created to provide services to the residents of Alicante, but over time, a network of clinics appeared throughout Spain. 

Training centers, universities, colleges in Alicante

Alicante can be safely attributed to the educational center of Spain. Language schools, colleges and universities are open in the city. Often residents of neighboring settlements go to study in Alicante. In summer, many centers offer Spanish courses.

The most famous educational institutions of Alicante:

  1. University of Alicante — a young university, opened on the basis of the Center for University Research. Students study economics, law, medicine and education, in total, education is provided at 7 faculties. Teaching is conducted in English and Spanish. On the basis of the university there are sections of tennis, swimming, language courses are open. There is a hostel for students.
  2. El Limonar — private bilingual school of international class for students from 3 to 18 years old. Education is paid, but students receiving a scholarship can pay with payments to pay off part of the amount. The institution is accredited by the National Association of British Schools in Spain. There is everything for comfortable learning: bright classrooms, a dining room, a library, creative studios.
  3. King’s College — a private college accepts children from 3 to 18 years old. The school provides basic education, prepares for admission to universities. There is no hostel on the basis of the college, foreign students must live in the city with their parents or guardians. During the summer holidays, English courses are held here.
  4. Lady Elizabeth School (Lady Elizabeth School) — one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Spain. Children from all over the world study here. Half of the school's students are from Britain, 40% — citizens of Spain, the remaining 10% are representatives of other countries. The school is seriously preparing students for leading universities in the world, paying special attention to knowledge of languages. Children learn English, German and also French.
  5. Oscar Espla Conservatory of Music — state educational institution. After graduation, foreign students can stay for another year in the country. During this time, a student visa can be exchanged for a work one.

Districts of Alicante

Playa San Juan Alicante — one of the most prestigious areas of the city. The place is landscaped, comfortable for rest and living. There are famous restaurants, hotels, private educational institutions and sports schools. On the territory of the district there is a spacious beach of the same name.

The Centro area is famous for its proximity to Postiguet Beach. The quarter is in demand among investors. Half of the housing stock here is represented by old houses, the rest of the area — secondary housing and new buildings. 

Some buildings of the old fund are over 100 years old, but don't be afraid. Housing is constantly maintained in good condition, restored. Often the layout of the apartment in them compares favorably with the premises in new buildings.

The Ensanche-Diputación microdistrict is located close to the center, which makes it convenient in terms of infrastructure, transport and other necessary services. In fact, this is the business part of the city. Near the bus station and railway station, port and city beach. On the territory there are office buildings, shopping centers. 

Districts of Alicante

Vistahermosa is located in the northern part of Alicante. Initially, there were only one-story buildings, but over time, high-rise buildings appeared. There are supermarkets, schools, children's development centers. The area is equipped with walking paths, areas for cyclists, playgrounds. This place is great for seniors and families with children.

The Casco Historica area is rich in sights. Famous cultural objects are located here: the Church of St. Mary, 100 meters from the coast, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, medieval Moorish houses. There is also access to Postiguet Beach from here. According to the legislation, in the area you can rent an apartment on any floor and in high season. Because of this, real estate here is often purchased for subsequent rent to tourists.

Alicante beaches

The total length of the beaches is about 200 kilometers. Almost all of them have received the Blue Flag award. because of the purity of the water (water quality is assessed, no emissions from sewerage, control by fixed markers).

The most famous beaches of Alicante:

  1. San Juan — one of the most popular, the largest beach in Alicante. Almost three kilometers (2900 km) of fine pearl sand, turquoise sea and excellent infrastructure. Residents of neighboring regions come here. The coastal area is equipped with sports and playgrounds, sun loungers, food areas.
  2. Almadraba — sand and pebble beach 3 km from the city center. This is the territory of the districts of San Juan and Albufereta. Housing prices here are higher than in other quarters of Alicante. One of the most beautiful sunsets in Spain can be seen on this beach.
  3. Postiguet Beach is located at the foot of the Benacantil hill, on top of which stands the castle of Santa Barbara (symbol of the city). The location in the center of Alicante makes the beach convenient for relaxation, everything is nearby — stops, attractions and shops. In addition, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.
  4. Saladar-Urbanova is located in a quiet, cozy area. Previously, salt was mined here. The sandy beach, almost 2 km long, has the Blue Flag award. for the quality of the water in the sea in this place.
  5. Albufereta is located in the northwestern part of the city. The wind rarely blows here, there are almost no waves, shallow. The beach is suitable for families with small children. There is a rental of catamarans on the shore.

The wild beaches of Alicante are no less beautiful. For example, the rocky bays of Cabo de la Huerta. There are usually few people in this area, and tourists come here who want to take a break from the noise of the city and lovers of snorkeling.

Sights of Alicante

Alicante — it is not only the territory of beaches and shopping centers. The city has a rich history, there are cultural monuments of several eras. A selection of sights of Alicante will be of interest to tourists who come here for the first time.

Fortress Santa Barbara

Fortress Santa Barbara — the main attraction of the city, built in the 19th century. The fortification is located at a high altitude; earlier the castle was of great strategic importance. From here both the bay of Alicante and the enemy troops were clearly visible. The view from the observation deck is breathtaking. Despite the fact that hostilities took place here more than once, the building is well preserved.

Santa Cruz Quarter

Santa Cruz is located near Santa Barbara Fortress. The area connects the old town with the castle. The facades of houses, as in almost all of Spain, are decorated with multi-colored tiles and flowers in bright pots. There are also small, white buildings. The first streets of Alicante appeared here, on the slopes of the hill.

Esplanade Boulevard

This is the sea embankment of the city, erected on the old site of the old dam. The paths are decorated with a three-dimensional wavy pattern of red, white and blue tiles. Alleys are decorated on both sides with 4 rows of palm trees. The boulevard is divided into zones — souvenir, restaurant and area for walking. Both tourists and locals like to spend time here.

Port of Alicante

One of the most important ports of the Mediterranean located in the heart of Alicante, opposite the Canalejas promenade and Esplanade Boulevard. This is not only an object of infrastructure, but also a well-known landmark of the seaside city. In the 90s, the port was expanded and the new part was turned into a recreation area with restaurants, bars and pubs. Here you can take a walk, look at the sea and ships. Tour boats leave from here. So, it’s only an hour’s journey from the port to the island of Tabarka.

The island of Tabarca is located in the Mediterranean Sea, 19 km from Alicante. It is the only inhabited island in the autonomous community of Valencia.

Recreation places, museums

It's hard to get bored in Alicante, in addition to the ancient monuments of art, the city has parks, museums and educational centers. On their territory, you can not only relax or get acquainted with the exposition, master classes are also held here, souvenirs are sold at the entrance.

Park el Palmeral

The park is located in the northern part of the city, in the San Gabriel area.   The territory is decorated with palm trees and waterfalls. Visitors can not only take a walk in the shade of trees, but also go boating on the pond. The highlight of the park — gazebo with cool water on the floor, the structure is installed on one of the artificial lakes.

Canalejas Park

The oldest park in the city is located near the port, next to the pedestrian zone of Esplanade Boulevard. Only here you can see huge century-old ficuses of various types, some of them reach 20 m in height. Feature of the park — map of Spain carved in stone. The entrance to the square is decorated with statues of lions and dogs. The park is loved not only by tourists, but also by locals.

Museum of Modern Art of Alicante

The museum was erected on the territory of the oldest civil building built in 1685. The building has a rich history. At first there was a granary, then a prison, a little later — city hall. 

Building — a striking example of baroque architecture. Now there are three permanent exhibitions, collected from the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and other famous artists of the country. Also on display are paintings by Alicante native Juana França, drawings and sculptures by Spanish author Eusebio Sempere.

Bullfighting Museum

One of the largest museums of its kind in Spain. The exposition was created in honor of the bullfighting lover Luis Moroder Peiro, he donated many items of the exhibition to the museum, primarily this collection of books. The exposition is also based on the private collection of bullfighter José Bayard Badila.

Here you will see photos of famous matadors of the country and stuffed heads of bulls that participated in the battles. The most interesting thing is that the museum is located almost on the territory of the bullfighting site in Plaza de Toros, and if desired, visitors can enter the arena.

Ocean Racing Museum

The Sports Museum is dedicated to the Ocean Race and yachtsmen. This is evidence of overcoming the water element by people, the riders could be at sea for more than 40 days. 

Construction began at the same time that Alicante was the starting point for this regatta (2011). The two-storey building of the museum is located in the premises of the former sea station in the port of the city. The museum occupies 1300 m². The entrance is free. A real racing boat is also installed on the territory, visitors can go on deck and go down to the lower rooms.

Ocean Race — it's sailing around the world

Las Cigarreras Cultural Center

The museum is located in the building of a former tobacco factory, which existed here since 1801.  to 2009. Here guests get to know the history of cigar production in Alicante. Several generations of the city worked at the factory. Now the building is a cultural center. The restored warehouses host musical and theatrical performances, and there is also a cigar bar on site.

Alicante Real Estate

According to the Spanish real estate portal, the number of foreign property buyers in Spain is growing, since 2019 the number of people wishing to become homeowners here has increased by 80%. citizens of Germany. Russians are actively acquiring apartments, since the beginning of 2023, demand has been growing. Housing in Spain is profitable to take for living, as an investment for subsequent rental to tourists.

Property in Alicante

In Alicante, both apartments and villas on the seashore are in demand for rent. Housing is rented for a long time and daily. It is more profitable for property owners to offer their apartments to tourists for a short time. Therefore, the amount of housing for daily rent is much higher. So, in the cities of Spain with a population of 150,725 people, tourists rent 23% of all real estate, in small towns this percentage is even higher. 

Alicante — a city that is worth considering for active people to live, it is also suitable for a calm, measured rest. It has everything for a comfortable life. Families with children will appreciate the region. There are a large number of worthy educational institutions in the city, where strong specialists are trained. In addition, the acquisition of real estate in Alicante — a successful investment with a future perspective.

18 ways to relax with your family in the Costa Blanca
We have collected the 18 best places on the Costa Blanca for families. The list is wide enough for everyone to find entertainment: from small to large. * Discover the BEAUTIFUL ALGAR WATERFALLS in the Les Fonts de l'Algar Nature Reserve. Dive into ...
27 October 2022
My adopted home - the Costa Blanca
"Why are you living on the Costa Blanca?" The question was asked recently by a friend. Why not in Mallorca, he wanted to know. On the Costa del Sol, where so many Germans would live? Or on the Costa Brava? I answered him quite spontaneously: "The or...
27 October 2022
Pros and cons of moving to Spain
If you are planning to move to Spain, you must be prepared for the fact that in this country you will be faced with both the advantages of living by the warm, clean sea and its disadvantages. Today we want to tell you about the actual advantages and ...
17 November 2023
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