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BLOG ABOUT TRAVELING TO ALICANTE. It must be said that the days in the Alicante Region not only have many hours of sun, but often there are around 26 ° C, even in October, reminiscent of an average summer day in other northern European countries. Bu...
27 October 2022
18 ways to relax with your family in the Costa Blanca
We have collected the 18 best places on the Costa Blanca for families. The list is wide enough for everyone to find entertainment: from small to large. * Discover the BEAUTIFUL ALGAR WATERFALLS in the Les Fonts de l'Algar Nature Reserve. Dive into ...
27 October 2022
Spain is a beautiful country known for its Mediterranean lifestyle, good healthcare system and hospitable people. As a foreigner, it is relatively easy to live here and enjoy the benefits of this unique culture. One of the main reasons why it is so ...
18 March 2023


This city has over 300 days of summer weather. Torrevieja is valued for its picturesque coastal zone, beaches and landscaped recreation areas. But locals and tourists enjoy not only nature and comfortable living, the climate and location of the city make this place a good place to treat various diseases.


Historical information

In the first half of the 19th century, a tower, an observation tower and several houses stood in this place instead of the city. In 1829, a powerful earthquake took place in southern Spain. The intensity of the shocks then amounted to 6 points. Many cities were affected, but Torrevieja suffered the most damage.

However, the city was restored, and its symbol, the old tower, was rebuilt by local residents at their own expense. Temples and towers were destroyed, which have now become cultural monuments. But all the famous objects have been restored and are now ready to receive guests. The main wealth of Torrevieja — pink lagoon Salinas de Torrevieja. Salt mining in it turned an ordinary village into a developed city.

General information about the city, geographical location, climate

Torrevieja — resort town in Spain in the south of the Costa Blanca. A picturesque place on the Mediterranean coast is located in the province of Alicante. 

In terms of the number of people living here permanently, the city is in 3rd place, only Alicante and Elche are ahead of it. In fact, the population (according to 2022 data) is about 84 thousand people. Torrevieja — multicultural city.  Among the inhabitants there are English, Germans, Swedes and Russians. 

What attracts people to Torrevieja:

  • high number of sunny days per year;
  • geographic location;
  • an abundance of well-maintained beaches;
  • developed infrastructure.

The city is loved for its favorable climate. More than 300 days a year there is summer weather here, the air temperature during the day warms up to 25-27 ° C, at night it can reach + 15 ° C. Winters in the region are warm — up to +17°С, +19°С. There are practically no winds in the city, as the coast is covered by mountains. There are practically no showers. Due to the climate and location between the sea, mountains and salt lakes, the inhabitants of the city get rid of many diseases, such as bronchitis, allergies, dermatitis. The health organization has recognized the city as an ideal place to live.

This small but comfortable city for living and recreation is famous for the large number of Russian-speaking population and the care of the authorities for the residents and guests of the city. There are 5 major cities in Spain within 1 hour drive.

Costa Blanca — region on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. About 6 million tourists visit the region every year.


Unlike other resort areas, the city also lives a normal life in winter. In recent years, the authorities began to build up Torrevieja and pay even more attention to its improvement. Thanks to this, the city has become a favorite place for recreation and life for representatives of European countries and Russians.

Markets and shops

Trade is developed in the city, supermarkets, shops and markets are waiting for visitors. The most famous trade enterprises of Torrevieja:

  • Shopping center "Zenia" with its own square and fountain;
  • 3-storey Habaneras on the outskirts with accessible parking for cars, there are clothes, shoes from famous manufacturers, a beauty salon, a grocery supermarket and even a furniture store;
  • French shop "Carrefour" on the territory of which they sell not only clothes, but household appliances;
  •  "Serge Creaciones" in the city center with a large assortment of souvenirs, watches, jewelry, porcelain and ceramic figurines.
  • Scandinavian shopping center "Gallerian", located near the bus station. A medical center operates on its territory.
  • Indoor food market in Place Isabelle
  • a market with an area of 80 thousand m² on the territory of which there are more than 1200 trading places, located on the street

Local markets sell olives, cheeses, farm products, vegetables and fruits. Also here are rows with clothes and shoes and craft shops. You can choose fish and seafood in the port, local fishermen set their catch here every day.

 In Torrevieja, there are sports sections in rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, swimming, football and yachting. Universities are located an hour's drive from the city, in Murcia and Alicante. 

New city projects

The city is promising, rapidly developing. There used to be a lot of elderly people on the streets, but now there are a lot of young families with small children.

The construction of the port has become a new stage in the development of the city, more than 130 jobs will be created here. This fact will increase the attractiveness of Torrevieja among businessmen and attract new residents to the cozy Spanish town. 

The project will open Torrevieja to the sea, turn the port area into a new public and commercial space that will connect the city with the port. Locals and tourists will be able to enjoy the seascape in peace. There are plans to open a new lighthouse, which will serve not only as a means of navigation, but also as a tourist attraction. From here you will have a view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. The expansion of the port will include the construction of new green spaces and recreation areas.

In addition to the construction of the port, a project is planned to create a pedestrian zone with a total area of 20,000 m². The authorities of Torrevieja provided a project that will change the appearance of the streets for the better. 

The streets where the carriageway is now located will become completely pedestrian. Here people can walk with their families, enjoy nature and fresh air. They also plan to make paths for cyclists, they will connect the center with other areas.

Beaches of Torrevieja

The city attracts with well-groomed sandy beaches with clear water. The coastal zone is equipped with everything necessary for swimming and relaxing under the sun. There are sun loungers on the territory, playgrounds are built, sports zones are equipped. 

Not every city can boast such an abundance of well-groomed and picturesque places for swimming and diving divers. Several beaches in Torrevieja have been awarded the Blue Flag award. Usually, only those organizations where everything is provided for safe swimming are encouraged in this way (they pay special attention to the quality of water and the improvement of the coastal zone). 

The best beaches of Torrevieja, their description and features:

  1. Torrelamata (La Mata) — the longest in the city, covered with fine white sand. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. Its length is almost 2500 m. For the convenience of visitors, the coastal zone is divided into 2 parts. It has everything you need to relax: sun loungers, hammocks, sports grounds, cafes. This is the favorite beach of locals and tourists. 
  2. Los Naufragos (los Náufragos) — one of the most convenient places for swimming with children, a well-groomed area with palm trees and a clean beach of sand and stone. On the territory of the beach there is an open-air water park for the youngest visitors. There are always many local fishermen in the southern part.
  3. Cabo Cervera Bay —  small but cozy bay with a sandy beach and a swimming area. Stairs are installed here, facilitating access to and exit from the sea. There are various restaurants nearby, and its waterfront promenade overlooks the nearby La Mata beach. The rocky bottom of the bay is also attractive for scuba diving.
  4. Playa del Cura — the most popular beach, as it is located in the city center. There are always a lot of people here, bright city and festive events are held on the territory all summer. The relaxation area is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and a cafe.
  5. Swimming areas on the promenade of Juan Aparicio —                   picturesque place for beach lovers in the center of Torrevieja. On the one hand, the coastal zone was strengthened from the waves, ledges were built with small platforms for entering the water, and sun loungers were installed. On the opposite side, the beach is surrounded by rocks, the descent to the sea is equipped with stairs.
  6. Los Locos — a popular bathing place for city guests and local residents, with a shallow sandy bottom and clear water, located between a small bay and rocks. There is everything for a safe holiday. Lifeguards work on the beach, there are towers, there is a medical center, there are sun loungers with umbrellas, cafes and bars with soft drinks. 
  7. The bay of Cala de Palangrier is on the same line with Los Locos beach. This is a small neat bay with a rocky bottom and rocks. There is a convenient descent to the sea in the form of a deck.
  8. Asekien — small beach in the city. Located in a beautiful location next to green parks. The proximity of the port and the city does not affect the purity of the water and the coastal zone, the well-groomed territory is equipped with a convenient gentle slope to the sea.

The total area of beaches, bays and small lagoons is almost 20 km. The city authorities take care of the condition of each place for swimming and water sports.


There are dozens of historical cultural monuments in the city. These are ancient castles, squares, cathedrals, towers, fortresses. Many of them were damaged during the earthquake, but were restored and now receive visitors.

Pink Lagoon of Salinas de Torrevieja

Pink Lake — one of the main natural attractions of the Spanish city of Torrevieja. The reservoir is famous for its unusual color, favorable microclimate and rare composition of water. 

There used to be a sea at this place, but over time it left, and the concentration of salt increased. The pink color of the water is due to algae. This is how the salt lake was formed. Staying in this place helps in the treatment of lung diseases.

Here, back in the 18th century, they were engaged in fishing for the extraction of salt. Production is flourishing even now, it is modernized and does not harm the environment. Salt supplies go to different countries of the world.

Old Tower

Old tower — symbol of the city, an old guard fortress located on the outskirts of Torrevieja. Residents erected a building to protect against the enemy, the height of the walls was about 10m. Among modern buildings, the building looks rather unusual. The name of the tower is connected with the history of the city, in the translation of Torrevieja it means "old tower".

It is impossible to enter and climb the territory of the tower. A breathtaking view of the sea and rocks opens from the walls of the attraction, a green park awaits visitors nearby.

Sculpture for musicians

A wonderful monument to musicians and an interesting place for memorable photo shoots. The statue is located on the city embankment. Everyone can take a picture here, it is impossible to pass by. The musicians stand as if alive, forming a circle. "For good luck" you can rub the copper pipe or drum.

Promenade of Paseo Maritio

The attraction is located in the historical part of Torrevieja. The embankment was built in the 19th century. In 1999, the authorities restored this place, equipped a pedestrian zone for citizens. The city beach is located nearby, cozy cafes, bars and shops are located on the territory. On weekends and holidays, the square is crowded here, the townspeople walk with their families, with children, admire the panoramic view of the sea.

Constitution Square

A typical location for a small Spanish town is located in the city center and two blocks from the sea. A small but cozy area with a playground, a fountain and benches. Nearby is a Catholic church and the building of the City Council, where various city meetings are held. In summer, vacationers and townspeople gather on the square to look at the splashes of the fountain and hide from the heat in the shade of palm trees.

In December, the square is transformed. On Christmas Eve, about 1000 figurines are installed here, the theme of the exhibition — birth of Christ in Bethlehem. Noisy fairs are held at this time, where everyone can choose a traditional souvenir.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

The church was erected in the second half of the 18th century, this is the first such building in Torrevieja. Its walls could not withstand the earthquake that took place in 1829, but the figure of the Virgin survived. During the fire of 1936, she was also able to remain unharmed. 

The chapels were added to the building after the restoration, the new church was built in 1844 (the stones left from the old walls were used during the work). The temple is located on the territory of the Constitution Square and is famous for the statue of the patroness of the city installed here.

Cultural Center

The building of the cultural complex is located in the Libertad Alley area, it was built in 1882. Once a casino was located within these walls. The decoration of the institution has been preserved to this day — paintings on the walls, coffered ceiling. The non-standard design of the building, carved openings and arches attract the attention of city guests.

Sea and Sun Museum

Visitors can view the exhibition for free. The museum has only one room, but a lot of information about the collection and processing of salt is collected here. The models show the life and everyday life of the seaside town, salt products, old photographs and documents related to the craft. 

The exposition is interesting for everyone who wants to know everything about the history of the city, because the development of Torrevieja is associated with salt mining. The tour takes only half an hour. There is a children's playground next to the museum. One of the most interesting things in the collection of the museum — submarine boat. An unusual exhibit was presented to the citizens by the Ministry of Defense of the country.

Resting places in Torrevieja

Torrevieja has parks, ponds, and a water park.

Park de las Naciones

Park of Nations is located near Constitution Square (1 km). The square occupies about 20 thousand m², on the territory of the complex there is a beautiful lake. Visitors walk along the alleys, feed ducks and swans. The theme of the park of the nation of Europe, here you can see the flags of different countries.

Livante Pier

Near the sea pier is the Livante pier, a favorite place for walks for both tourists and residents of the city. Here you can breathe the sea air, admire the sunset and take interesting, panoramic photos.

Aquapark "Aquopolis"

A cozy water park is located near the sea, occupies 90 thousand m². In addition to the standard slides, guests can ride the Boomerang attraction, which has a V-shape. Before going down, the person rolls from side to side. There are many who want to go on the Black Hole slide, this is a black pipe with several bends and turns. There are souvenir shops on the territory of the water park.

Traditional holidays and entertainment

At the end of the calendar summer, in August, Torrevieja becomes even brighter and more beautiful. At this time, the annual festivals of "abanera" are held in the city. This is a competition of incendiary tunes that were once brought by sailors from their travels.

The town holds a May fair every spring. The tradition has been going on since 1987, an event takes place in the port area. The fair starts with fireworks, guests dance, have fun, participate in competitions.

Districts of Torrevieja

Each district has its own characteristics. Many areas are suitable for profitable investment, for the purchase of their own housing and recreation.

Los Balcones – Los Altos del Edén

The prestigious part of the city is built up with country villas and cottages. Quiet green area is located near the reserve (Pink Lake). There are shops, beauty salons, pharmacies.

El Acequión– Los Náufragos

The district is located on the Mediterranean coast, there is a variety of buildings, from social housing to tourist centers. The beaches of this area go to the port, the access to the sea is protected from wind and waves. Bars, shops and cafes are located on the territory. There are many panoramic views of the mountains and the sea in the surroundings.

El Centro

City center and one of the oldest districts. One of the advantages of the area — proximity to the sea. This is the tourist and business part of Torrevieja, so the infrastructure is well developed here. Mostly there are apartment buildings of the old fund, there are few new buildings. The area is crowded and noisy. Of the minuses — few parking spaces. When buying a home, you should pay attention to this.

Playa del Cura

It is located almost next to Playa del Cura, on the territory there is a beach, shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, cafes and bars for every taste, markets. Area Advantage — Embankment and bus station. The area is dominated by dense development of residential multi-storey buildings and houses of the old fund.

Playa de los Locos

Quiet, well-kept area in which residential real estate is adjacent to tourist housing. The infrastructure is well developed here, grocery stores, pharmacies and bank branches operate. New buildings are equipped with their own parking lots and playgrounds. The promenade of the area extends from the beach to the port. 

Nueva Torrevieja – Aguas Nuevas

The elite area of Torrevieja, the largest in area. In this place there are villas and cottages. In residential areas there are fitness clubs, shopping and entertainment centers. It has everything for a comfortable stay, but the area is quite far from the beach, but there is a water park.

La Siesta – El Salado – Torreta

One of the largest and quietest areas of Torrevieja. Various settlements are collected here, one of them is located in close proximity to the protected area. The buildings are mostly low-rise, there are no problems with parking. The area is landscaped, there are supermarkets, pharmacies, shopping and entertainment centers on the territory.

Property in Torrevieja

Torrievieja is called one of the best places to buy property as an investment and then rent it out. This is the second city on the Costa Blanca suitable for this purpose (after Benidorm). 

Guests and new residents of the city rent apartments and houses both daily and long-term. Cozy studios, luxurious two-story cottages, and villas with sea views are in demand. Tourist licenses for the right to rent housing to citizens are issued here without restrictions. The region is successful not only for recreation, but also for starting your own business, if you have start-up capital.

Those who want to move to Spain or buy housing for rent here should take a closer look at a small cozy city under the unusual name of Torrevieja. Most often, people who have rested here at least once dream of moving to this sunny city forever. 

Trip to Alicante City - Recommendations
BLOG ABOUT TRAVELING TO ALICANTE. It must be said that the days in the Alicante Region not only have many hours of sun, but often there are around 26 ° C, even in October, reminiscent of an average summer day in other northern European countries. Bu...
27 October 2022
18 ways to relax with your family in the Costa Blanca
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27 October 2022
Spain is a beautiful country known for its Mediterranean lifestyle, good healthcare system and hospitable people. As a foreigner, it is relatively easy to live here and enjoy the benefits of this unique culture. One of the main reasons why it is so ...
18 March 2023
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