5 tips for living on the Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca is the tourist name given to the Mediterranean coast that bathes the province of Alicante, in the southeast of Spain. It comprises from the municipality of Denia in the north, to that of Pilar de la Horadada, to the south. It is one of t...
27 October 2022
Spain is a beautiful country known for its Mediterranean lifestyle, good healthcare system and hospitable people. As a foreigner, it is relatively easy to live here and enjoy the benefits of this unique culture. One of the main reasons why it is so ...
18 March 2023

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca — it is a warm sea, mild climate, dozens of resorts and exotic places. The country is famous for its beaches with fine, white sand, which stretch for 150 km. In addition, people go to the region not only for recreation. The coast has developed infrastructure, which makes it attractive for permanent residence.

Costa Blanca: location and climate

Costa Blanca — coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it includes the settlements of the province of Alicante. This is a territory of active tourism and resorts.

In summer, the air temperature here is 30-31°C, in winter it is not lower than +17°C. It gets dark much later than in Russia. The beach season on the coast lasts from May to mid-October. 

In the second half of October, in the evening it becomes a little cooler than during the day, at which time short rains are possible. Due to the close proximity of mountains, strong winds do not occur in the region. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea in summer reaches +27°С, +30°С. There are many small bays between the rocks, where there are almost no strong waves. 

The most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca

There are resort towns with comfortable beaches, ancient sights and cafes with European and national cuisine in the region.


Alicante — the main resort of the Costa Blanca. In this part of the Costa Blanca, those who want to live comfortably, but away from the bustle of the city, buy houses. Here, most often they buy property for themselves or for subsequent rental. The city is famous for its beaches with well-maintained recreation areas, educational and medical centers. Tourist attractions of the city: Santa Barbara Fortress, Esplanade Boulevard, El Parmeral Park. New developments in Alicante.


Torrevieja — a picturesque place in the south of the Costa Blanca. The well-maintained city attracts with the presence of beaches with a clean coast with white sand, which are awarded the Blue Flag. Medical services are available in the city, trade is developed, new houses are being built. Torrevieja's location between mountains, the Mediterranean and salt lakes has made the city popular with people with lung problems. Living here helps to cope with dermatitis, relieves the condition with allergies. New developments in Torrevieja.


Benidorm is located in the northern part of the Costa Blanca, in a small bay surrounded by mountains. It has a developed infrastructure, a lot of entertainment for adults and children, well-maintained beaches with a Blue Flag award and cozy recreation areas, casinos and nightclubs. This place is called the tourist center of the region and the main youth resort of the coast. Most of the guests of the city — residents of European countries.


Finestrat — Spanish municipality located 8 km from Benidorm and 50 km from  Alicante Airport. From the city it is convenient to start climbing Mount Puig Campana with a height of almost 1500 m. When climbing, people climb long-paved paths without large stones. For many years, local residents made money on agriculture, since 1980, the city began to actively develop tourism services.

The area is attractive for investors, here is the representative office of the Viveros de Empresas de la Cámara de Comercio Chamber of Commerce. It is an organization created by entrepreneurs, owners of small, medium or large enterprises with the aim of increasing productivity. Here, as well as throughout the Costa Blanca, good conditions for doing business have been created. Finestrat Real Estate Finestrat New Buildings.


Altea — a small town with snow-white houses in the province of Alicante. In the past, this is a fishing village, now it has been turned into a popular resort with villas on the sea. Aesthetically attractive city located 50 km from Alicante. There is information about the existence of the village in the 1st century. The city is known for the abundance of national holidays throughout the year. Altea — city of art. During the tourist season it is crowded with local tourists. At every step you can find artisan shops. The old city is located on a hill, you can climb to it by numerous stairs.


El Campello — a city that is part of the province of Alicante (located 11 km from Allicante). The area of the settlement is slightly more than 55 sq.m. In Campello, beaches with fine, white sand and small pebbles stretch for 23 km. In the area of the city there are many cozy bays located between the rocks. The local Muchavista beach smoothly turns into San Juan beach in Alicante. 

The sea here is very close to the residential sector, the most remote areas are 1.5 m from the beaches. There are no children's attractions in the city, only playgrounds. There are many Russian-speaking children in the children's parks in the evenings.


Quiet, cozy town for lovers of measured life. There is no fuss, crowds of tourists, the streets are calm. You can take a walk only in the city center, where cafes, shops and recreation areas are located, but the beaches continuously stretch for almost 20 km. The city has a toy museum and two amusement parks.


Jávea — surprisingly beautiful, green, tidy city with more than 20 km of beaches. The city has many bays and about 15 viewing platforms on the rocks. The main attraction of the place — forest park with a total area of about 700 hectares. On the territory of the city is the Church of St. Bartholomew, one of the architectural monuments of the country.

Famous resorts of the Costa Blanca

One of the most famous resorts in the region is located in the south. This is a holiday destination called Orihuella Costa, which stretches from Torrevieja to the neighboring Autonomous Community of Murcia. New housing is being built in the area. Mostly one-story houses here, but there are also multi-story complexes with various options. (apartments, studios). The closer to the coastline, the higher the value of the property. Away from the sea you can find comfortable budget apartments. 

Costa Blanca Resorts

Famous areas of Orihuella-Costa with the prospect of new developments:

  1. Punta Prima — quiet green area with shops, food outlets, pharmacies and important infrastructure. During the season, there are many vacationers on the beaches and cafes, so it is better to book a table in advance. It is convenient to come to the area from Torrevieja by car, you can also get here by bus. 
  2. Playa Flamenca — large area, one of the most popular in the region. The cost of housing here is lower, and the location is good. Near the sea, beach, shops, pharmacies, cafes. There is a nudist beach in this place, Punta Prima beach is 200 meters to the right of it, and 3 more ordinary beaches to the left after 150 meters.
  3. La Florida — an area remote from the sea, but at the same time the most densely populated. Quiet, peaceful place, the main inhabitants —immigrants from Europe. 

In total, there are 13 districts on the coast in this place. In 9 of them, the construction of new housing is actively underway, since there are still many free plots.

Costa Blanca beaches

Cities along the coast have many beaches with clean water, playgrounds, sun loungers and food outlets. 

The most famous beaches of the region:

  1. San Juan — the largest beach located on the territory of Alicante. Its length is over 3 km. Locals and tourists love this place very much. It is believed that this is the cleanest beach in the region. The beach itself is large, not crowded, with a clean sandy shore. The entrance to the water in this place is gentle, the depth starts no earlier than 10 m. It is convenient to relax here with small children. The coastal zone is equipped with recreational areas, playgrounds for sports games and cafes. Many establishments work day and night. From Alicante, the beach can be reached by public transport. This is a city free beach.
  2. The Levante beach is located in Benidorm. This is the central beach of the city, the most noisy and crowded. Here you can swim, ride a catamaran and a boat, sit in the shade, play basketball on the sports ground or in a cafe on the beach.
  3. Playa de Poniente — the second largest beach in Benidorm, cozy, with lots of green spaces. Safe location in a quiet area of the city. Clean, sandy beach. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the bottom is sandy without stones and algae, clean. You can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella. There are many vacationers during the season, in October it is not crowded here, the water temperature in the sea in autumn is + 23 ° C, + 24 ° C.
  4. Albir is located near Benidorm in the town of Alfaz del Pi. Those who are not embarrassed by large pebbles will definitely like the beach. Very quiet and pleasant place. Wave lovers will also have a good rest here.
  5. Albufereta beach is located in a residential area between Alicante and Benidorm. The place is decorated with palm trees, equipped with playgrounds and sun loungers. Due to the convenient location in the bay, the sea is calm here, there are almost no waves.
  6. Comprehend — the beach is located in the heart of Alicante, close to shops, parking, pharmacies. For several years in a row, the beach has been awarded the Blue Flag award. for clean water and a well-groomed, landscaped coastal zone. The length of the beach is almost 1 km. Postiguet is located near Mount Benacantil.

In addition to the beaches on the coast, there are dozens of cozy bays surrounded by mountains. For example, CALA FERRIS. This is a small bay with clear water, palm trees, dunes in Torrevieja. Here they go diving or sunbathe and swim in the sea. Or  Cabo de las Huertas — a place of 4 small bays called  Cabo de las Huertas. The entrance to the sea is surrounded by rocks. Lovers of solitude have a good rest in the bays. There is a calm, peaceful atmosphere and few tourists.


Infrastructure is developed in Costa Blanca, the country's authorities are improving the condition of tourist areas, keeping beaches and parks clean. All coastal cities are connected by a convenient transport network of autobahns and highways. The region has large shopping centers, markets, many mini-shops, an international airport, railway stations, seaports.

The region is constantly being developed, improving conditions for recreation. In this regard, construction of a new port in province of Alicante, in the city of Torrevejeja

The emergence of a new port will help create new jobs, open up free access to the sea. The coastal zone in this place will be landscaped with footpaths, playgrounds, cafes and shops.

Costa Blanca Schools

In all schools in Spain, secondary education is of high quality. And it does not depend on whether it is paid or free. In order to make it easier for a child to learn Spanish and English, it is worth choosing a class with a language bias and with fewer students. 

In the region you can find schools with classes of 7 people with in-depth study of English. Each family will choose the appropriate option for children, focusing on their financial capabilities. Spaniards generally prefer municipal educational institutions. Relocated families, if desired, can give documents to private schools.

Private schools and colleges on the Costa Blanca:

  1. British School of Alicante — (province of the Costa Blanca) the Royal College School for children from 2 to 18 years old was opened in 1969. The work is based on the British curriculum. Graduates of the institution enter the best universities in the world. The difference from other complexes is the presence of a modern digital training program. According to Forbes magazine, one of the strongest schools in Spain.
  2. Newton College — Alicante International College, located in the city of Elche. Upon admission to primary or secondary school, the student takes an entrance exam in Spanish and English. During the period of study, the college participates in the exchange program for schoolchildren, so children have the opportunity to travel the world. It also helps to learn a foreign language better.
  3. Lady Elizabeth International Education Center is a member of the National Association of British Schools. Opened in 1987. Children from all over the world study here. Mostly British teachers who have been retrained outside the United Kingdom work here. The focus of the program is the study of languages: English (main), Spanish, French.
  4. Jabia International Complex is located in the city of Javea in the province of Alicante. The basis of education is the English educational program. At school, they receive education in a nursery (kindergarten), primary and secondary centers. Children of different nationalities study here, the school is designed for 450 places.

The full list of schools is published on the official website of the educational centers of Valencia. Here you can choose the option, focusing on the area of \u200b\u200bresidence. After studying in schools in Spain, a graduate will be able to enter any university in Europe.

It is possible to continue in Spain. Dozens of prestigious universities are located on the territory of the country. Among them are the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the oldest institution Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Martir, University of Alicante.

Medical and wellness services on the coast

Medicine is developed in the region, well-known networks open branches on the coast to diagnose diseases and provide various services. There are also hundreds of spas and wellness centers in the cities of the Costa Blanca.


EUROHOUSEMED provides medical services in five cities of the Costa Blanca.  Clinics are located in Benidorm, Valencia, Teulada, Torrevieja and Elche. The center has more than 200 experienced doctors and 600 employees. Over the past decade, the complex has become one of the most famous among foreign clients. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment for accurate diagnosis of diseases, and treatment is provided in 40 areas, including gastroenterology, neurology, pediatrics and dermatology. The advantage of the center — location of branches in unique places on the coast. Patients of the clinics can not only be treated, but also enjoy nature and the beauty of places.

Medical spa at the SHA Wellness Clinic 

The spa at the Alicante hotel is recognized as one of the best medical spas in the world. The program of the complex includes procedures based on ancient Asian techniques and modern methods. The spa has a hydrotherapy area with indoor pools, hammam, private garden and beauty salon. The clinic includes departments of dietetics, a smoking cessation center, a minor surgery center and other important areas in the work on improving the human body. In 2022, a new diagnostic center, Health Screening Lab, opened here.

Los Banos De Javea

The center with the majestic name "Royal Baths" located in the city of Javea. The structure was built in the 1st century, it is located in a quiet bay in Cala del Ministro. A similar complex exists in Campello and Calpe, which are part of the province of Alicante.

Vithas – Medimar (Vitas Medimar) and Perpetuo (Vitas Perpetuo) in Alicante

Vithas – Medimar (Vitas Medimar) and Perpetuo (Vitas Perpetuo) in Alicante — departments of famous international clinics are located in Alicante to improve the quality of medical care in the region. Both tourists and residents of the republic turn to doctors for qualified help. 


A small but cozy massage parlor in Beridorm is located 600 meters from the Levante beach. Guests of the complex will be offered a real Thai four-hand massage with aromatic oils or a treatment procedure for back pain.

Sights and famous recreation areas of the Costa Blanca

On the coast, all conditions are created for both active and measured holidays. Parks, squares, entertainment centers are equipped with recreation areas, cafes and restaurants.

Water park "Aqualandia"

The largest water amusement park is located in Benidorm, Alicante province. The complex was opened in 1986, its area is 150 sq.m. There are more than 20 rides in total. The pools are filled with water from the ocean, having previously been cleaned of excess salt and disinfected. Exotic plants are planted on the territory of the park, recreation areas are equipped, cafes and restaurants operate.

Mundomar Marine Animal Park

The Park of Marine Animals and Exotic Birds on the Costa Blanca was founded in 1996. Tourists and locals come to see dolphins, sea lions and penguins. Also here you can get acquainted with flamingos, noisy parrots and ostriches. The park is open from February to December.

Terra Mitica Park

The region is developing, offering tourists and local residents more and more places of recreation and entertainment. One of these objects was the amusement park "Terra Mitica". The complex was built in 2000 in the city of Benidorm (province of Alicante). It has 25 attractions for adults and children, among them the longest structure in Europe with slides and turns. There is a zoo next to the entertainment center.

La Granadella Forest Park

The forest is located in the district of the city of Javea. Most often here you can see low shrubs and mesophilic meadows. Cornflowers, blue and white jagged lavender, orchids, as well as ulcer and white rosemary grow in the natural protection zone. The total area of the protected area is almost 700 sq.m. The park — symbol of Granadella.

Mesophilic plants — these are species that grow at a moderate temperature, not too hot, but not too cold.

Algar Waterfalls

The Algar Falls are 10 km from Altea and 15 km from Benidorm. The water in the lake does not rise above 17 degrees, but there are always those who want to swim in the cool water. In the valley of the Algar River there is a park with rare species of plants and birds.

Property in Costa Blanca

In order to find houses for rent in Costa Blanca, it is better to turn to professionals. A large number of Spain holiday rentals will be offered by the Alicante Holiday team. On the site you can choose a luxury villa or a small house for a short or long term.

Property in Costa Blanca

Those who wish to invest in real estate in Alicante will choose the appropriate option, and those who move can apply for additional services to the agency. Alicante Real Estate specialists will not only help with the choice of real estate, but will also accompany a new resident of Spain throughout the entire process of making a profitable deal.

Costa Blanca — ideal option for those who want to live in a country with a warm sea and a favorable climate. Each family will find a suitable area for recreation, work, education of children and various services.

5 tips for living on the Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca is the tourist name given to the Mediterranean coast that bathes the province of Alicante, in the southeast of Spain. It comprises from the municipality of Denia in the north, to that of Pilar de la Horadada, to the south. It is one of t...
27 October 2022
Spain is a beautiful country known for its Mediterranean lifestyle, good healthcare system and hospitable people. As a foreigner, it is relatively easy to live here and enjoy the benefits of this unique culture. One of the main reasons why it is so ...
18 March 2023
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