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Recent articles

Catalog of luxury real estate in Spain
The new modern catalog of luxury real estate in Spain is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the most luxurious and modern residential properties in this beautiful country. Here you will find the most popular properties. Unique facilities wi...
4 December 2023
Buy a car with cryptocurrency
In the first half of 2020, there were only 88 blockchain startups operating in Spain. The last three years have not shown any growth or decline in the cryptocurrency market. The relatively modest number of its participants is explained by the conserv...
26 October 2023
New buildings in Spain
You have decided to move to Spain to enjoy the warm climate, charming nature, beautiful cities and delicious food. The issue of purchasing real estate is one of the most important, and it should be approached carefully, evaluating all the pros and co...
25 October 2023
Why is real estate cheap in Torrevieja?
Buying a property is always an important and responsible step. This is especially true when it comes to low-cost real estate, such as in the Spanish city of Torrevieja. This picturesque town on the Costa Blanca attracts many European...
28 August 2023
Taxes in Spain
Warm climate, sea, eternal siesta — this is what attracts many tourists to Spain. What about business relocation? And most importantly: how to pay Spanish taxes? A question that worries everyone who at least once thought about moving. This article ha...
22 March 2023
The best price on Toncoin. Where and how to buy TON?
December 23, 2021, Pavel Durov published a post on his Telegram that spurred public interest in the Toncoin cryptocurrency. In it, he expressed his approval and gratitude to the TON (The Open Network) team, which continued to develop the project afte...
14 March 2023
Laundry for business in Torrevieja
The ALICANTE REAL ESTATE real estate agency opens a laundry service for hotels, inns, hostels and other establishments in the city of Torrevieja (Spain). We provide high quality laundry service. Initially, the laundry ECO BLANCO was used by us to sol...
12 January 2023
Website Development and Internet Marketing in Spain
The real estate market in Spain has its own specifics. The first feature — This is a certain market conservatism. Approximately half of the sellers are sure that their object is the best and worthy of the highest price. They don't seem to have heard ...
16 November 2022
Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort
Our agency ALICANTE REAL ESTATE is delighted to present a property in an absolutely unique location - SANTA ROSALIA LAKE AND LIFE RESORT. You can still have time to profitably invest in real estate in this beautiful resort. In this article we will te...
7 November 2022
More money than ever before - potential for very high inflation
Dear Customers The ALICANTE REAL ESTATE team would now like to provide you with monthly updates on the economy, inflation and changes in the property market. The pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has created major challenges for the economy. T...
27 October 2022
How much money do you need to spend in Spain?
Thinking of moving to Spain and starting a new life there? Your desire is shared by more than 5.5 million foreigners who settled there. This is almost 12% of the total population of the country. Among the visitors there are most British, but, despite...
27 October 2022
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