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Recent articles

What to do in Spain in winter
It is generally accepted that you can vacation in Spain only from May to October. However, during the cold season, life in the country does not stop. Despite the fact that many entertainments are unavailable, tourists always have something to do in S...
Costa Blanca
Costa Blanca — it is a warm sea, mild climate, dozens of resorts and exotic places. The country is famous for its beaches with fine, white sand, which stretch for 150 km. In addition, people go to the region not only for recreation. The coast has dev...
Alicante — a beautiful modern city with parks, a beach, the sea and an old fortress on a mountain. Information about the climate and location of the city, areas and attractions will tell you what makes the city attractive for tourists, and why buying...
This city has over 300 days of summer weather. Torrevieja is valued for its picturesque coastal zone, beaches and landscaped recreation areas. But locals and tourists enjoy not only nature and comfortable living, the climate and location of the city ...
Real estate in Spain
Spain – This is a South European country that has territories on the African continent. By the number of inhabitants, the country is in the 30th position in the world ranking. The state is a member of the European Union and NATO, has a size of 504,78...
Costa Blanca
The Costa Blanca is a beautiful region on the eastern coast of Spain known for its sunny climate, picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters. The name "Costa Blanca" translates to "White Coast" and refers to the white sandy beaches and limestone cl...
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